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Exclusive Footie Shocker

The title of this post, is the same as that at the top of the front page of today’s Sun.

It is not about the latest Premier League star being found in bed with a bevy of young beautiful ladies or losing his money in casinos, but this.

Kante Pays More Tax Than Amazon & Starbucks

As ever The Sun has got straight to the point.

The BBC shows the front page with this comment.

The Sun leads with a story on Chelsea FC footballer N’Golo Kante, who it says has signed a million pound deal which will see him pay more tax than Amazon and Starbucks combined. The 27-year-old chose not to use a scheme to be paid via offshore firms, meaning he will pay £6.7m in tax.

Luckily, I have no need to use companies like Amazon, Facebook and Starbucks.

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Coffee And Seats At Manchester Victoria

The upgrade at Manchester Victoria station is approaching completion and as I passed through yesterday, the refreshment room was open and their were extra chairs everywhere in a Northern Rail promotion.

It’s just a pity that the coffee shop, just had to be those tax-avoiders; Starbucks.

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Preston’s Chaotic High Street

I know that there are lots of road works, but Preston’s High Street wasn’t one of the best I’ve visited.

Preston High Street

Preston High Street

Cars were still trying to get through the road works and shouldn’t they be in a car park somewhere? Even the Marks and Spencer was very tired and in the food department, there were no gluten-free sandwiches.

The biggest crime in my view, was the non-working clock that towered over the street. But at least Rolex had the time right.

It is definitely a High Street that needs a touch of Portasisation!

There were no maps and signposts and this was the only cafe I passed.

The Only Cafe I Passed

The Only Cafe I Passed

But then I don’t do Starbucks. Surely, there must be a locally owned coffee shop in the city.

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Google, Amazon, Starbucks Etc. And Tax

Google’s Eric Schmidt says he is perplexed in this article about the debate on his company’s tax status.

I’m not, as what these companies do is fraud.

Not necessarily on Corporation Tax, but with respect to VAT.

If say I go into John Lewis and buy say a television, I will pay VAT on the purchase. If I buy it from Amazon, I’ll probably pay some fiddled VAT rate, which will make it cheaper.

My belief is that by doing transfers like this, companies like Amazon are hurting genuine UK businesses. Andy Street of John Lewis is saying just that here.

So it should be that if you buy a television and it’s delivered in the UK, then the VAT rate should be 20%.

But Eric Schmidt is against this and is quoted in the BBC article.

The Google chairman has previously argued that corporate taxes should be paid on a company’s profits, not revenues, and should be levied in the country where it conducts economic activity and takes risks, rather than where products are consumed.

The trouble with Google, is there is no alternative, to some of the things they do.

On the other hand, I don’t use Amazon, Apple, Starbucks and quite a few other companies.

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Has This Starbucks Died?

I saw this Srarbucks from a 38 bus yesterday in Theobalds Road.

Has This Starbucks Died?

Has This Starbucks Died?

It looks a bit derelict.  Is it a casualty of the company’s tax planning strategy?

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A Useless Shopping Trip

This afternoon, I decided to go shopping to get some clothes from my holiday next week. I took the Overground to Stratford and walked into Eastfield.

It was not the most fulfilling of trips.

For a start, when I walked in, I thought I might like a tea or a cappuccino. Before the Olympics, I used to get this in the Starbucks by the station entrance, but since the Games, I’ve avoided it, as it only sells drinks in cardboard cups. These are for takeaways, not sitting in.

I then walked through to John Lewis and thought I’d see if there was a suitable coat.  I need one with a large internal pocket on my left breast, that is big enough for my newspaper or my small Samsung Tab 2.  Despite the attention of a very personable and professional sales assistant in an hijab, they couldn’t find anything, which fitted my requirements.

So it was on to Marks and Spencer, where I tried to get a second pair of cord trousers like those I was wearing. Despite having bought them only last week, I was again unlucky, as that style wasn’t stocked at Eastfield.

So I then retreated back to the Overground and came home.

That was a very unproductive shopping trip. I’ll try again in Oxford Street tomorrow. I should find the trousers, as they had quite a few pairs last week, there are a couple of Carluccio’s for some tea or coffee, but I doubt I’ll find the coat, as big pockets are so two years ago.


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The Only Starbucks I Habitually Visit

I don’t generally go to Starbucks very often, but I will use this one in Bold Street in Liverpool.

The Only Starbucks I Habitually Visit

The Only Starbucks I Habitually Visit

In the 1960s, I’m fairly certain, it used to be La Bussola, which was the coffee bar, where everybody went.

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I’m Keeping Out Of Starbucks

It must be some time since I went into a Starbucks to have some coffee. It could have been after I saw Skyfall. But it was certainly no later than this post, where I mused about the dilemma. That would be eight weeks without a Starbucks coffee.

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The Shops Are Closing

There are a lot of empty shops in the UK with m ore closing, according to various reports like this.

They’ve just had a town centre manager giving his views on BBC Breakfast.

No wonder shops are closing with this view from a real dinosaur in Bury. It was all about anchor tenants, large chains and advertising bringing in the punters.

Shopping must be exciting and fun and you don’t get that in chains!

It should also be chugger and smoke-free, with good public transport.

Yesterday, I needed to get a few food items, so I went to Finsbury Pavement in the City.  I got a bus to outside the large Marks and Spencer there, did my shopping, then crossed the road to get my return bus from the other side of the road.

Now that is what I call convenience shopping! I could have had a coffee and visited any one of about thirty other shops in the area.

There are a few chains there, but they are ones I use like Maplins, Boots, Gap  and O2 in addition to the excellent Marks.

I’ve never seen a chugger there either and smokers aren’t that common.

The only problem is that there isn’t a good gluten-free cafe, except Starbucks or by walking through to the Barbican or Spitalfields. But at least the Starbucks doesn’t masquerade as a public toilet.

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Are Starbucks Just Public Toilets That Sell Coffee?

This notion is put forward today in Caitlin Moran’s piece in The Times.

It also contains the piece of information that Manchester has just one public toilet. That can’t be true can it?

I rarely get caught short, but if I am, I usually go into a betting shop as many have very good toilets   All you need to do, if you feel guilty is to watch a race before or after doing the necessary.

Last night though in the Barbican, I went into one of the worst toilets for some time. The door had been spray painted by a vandal and the pan was slightly blocked and didn’t pull too well either.  For one of Europe’s largest arts centre it was a disgrace and very inferior to the immaculate ones inside Ipswich Town’s ground at Portman Road.  In fact on the whole football clubs do seem to try to get good facilities.  I can’t think of a bad one and I’ve used toilets in perhaps thirty grounds in the last few years.

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