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The Same Name Problem

The two names I habitually use aren’t the most uncommon and I’ve met more than a few individuals, who use the same pair of names. I also own the .com domain for the names, which must give me a certain precedence.

But at registration for my P&O cruise, I found that I was not alone and because of this my account was changed to the first name that only my mother, my passport, HMRC and the DWP use. It worked after a fashion, although some staff seemed confused that I was travelling under a different name. But checking my statement after the cruise, there doesn’t seem to be any charges that I hadn’t made.

It did give me a bit of a problem with the wi-fi, as my Samsung tablet computer has my used name in its memory and always used that, which meant, there was a lot of typing at each login.

I have a feeling, that their system hasn’t had the requisite amount of testing.

You can always rely that when you program a computer, there will always be a set of obscure circumstances, that you feel will never happen.

But of course they will!

In this case of course they did, but no financial harm was done to any party involved. I just suffered the login inconvenience.

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