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Batteries Are Beautiful – Silent Sailing Is An Eco-Winner

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on Riviera Maritime Media.

It is a must-read article about the way, ships will be powered in the future.

Already, the Norwegian operator; Hurtigruten, has ordered two hybrid powered cruise ships, the first first of which is the MS Raold Amundsen.

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Hybrid Selling

This picture shows a mini-brochure, that came in my copy of today’s Sunday Times.

Thecaption is World’s First Hybrid Powered Expedition Cruise Ships.

Cruising isn’t my scene, as it attracts too many Daily Mail readers.

But I must admit, that the H-word caught my eye and I read the brochure!

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Falling Off A Cruise Ship

This story on the BBC is entitled British Woman Rescued 10 Hours After Falling Off Cruise Ship In Croatia.

Happily the lady survived.

I am reminded of a old story.

A consultant and his friend, after a busy winter decided to go on a cruise in the Caribbean, where they had been told, they would be able to liven up their boring sex lives.

They were not enjoying themselves, as there wren’t any spare ladies under the are of fifty.

So one night, after having a few too many rum punches, they were at the blunt end of the ship, moaning about their lives telling very rude jokes and smoking lots of cigarettes.

One joke involved the consultant gently tapping the other on the shoulder and he let go of his drink. In trying to catch it, he slipped and started to disappear into the sea. The other tried to catch him and the outcome was that both of them fell in the sea.

Luckily, the episode had been seen by a seaman, who immediately raised the alarm., as he knew the sharks in the area, were very quick to find a free meal.

Within ten minutes or so, the consultant had been pulled unharmed from the water, but all they found of his friend was his left foot.

Back on board the ship, the consultant was summoned to see the Captain, as he needed to put a report in the log.

The Captain spoke to the consultant. “These waters are very dangerous! So how do you, as a consultant explain, why you didn’t get eaten by the sharks, like your friend?”

The consultant was uncharacteristically brief with his answer. “Professional Etiquette!”

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Walking To St. Mary’s

St. Mary’s Stadium is not ideally placed for the main Southampton Central station, as this Google Earth view shows.

Southampton Central To St. Mary's Stadium

Southampton Central To St. Mary’s Stadium

It took me about twenty minutes and what slows the walk is the initial hill. If I ever go again, I’ll leave a little bit earlier and then have a cup of tea or a drink on the top.

At least St. Mary’s is one of the few grounds, where the Away supporters’ stand is closest to the train station.

But look at this enlarged Google Earth view of the area around the stadium.

Rail Lines By St. Mary's Stadium

Rail Lines By St. Mary’s Stadium

The South Western Main Line from Basingstoke and London comes into this picture at the top to the left of the two gas holders. Note how the lines curve to the west to go through the Southampton Tunnel under the centre of the city. The portal of the tunnel is just at the edge of the picture.

The rail tracks to the left (west) of the stadium are the route to Southampton Docks and the now closed Southampton Terminus station. Before electrification to Southampton in the 1960s, this station was the main one for Southampton and there was also another station at Northam, which was somewhere in the area to the west of the stadium.

Plans have been put forward in recent years to put a station at the stadium and also one on Southampton Waterfront. Some have been grandiose, but the City Council has safeguarded a route from the Waterfront to Romsey, Halterworth and Chandler’s Ford.

If Southampton Football Club stay in the upper reaches of the Premier League and decide to increase the capacity of the ground, I would not be surprised to see a metro link running on the line, with an interchange at say Eastleigh.

The route would also mean that passengers for cruise ships could get closer to the Cruise Terminals by train, just as they used to in the days of RMS Titantic.

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Venice Limits Cruise Ships

I love Venice and so did my late wife, C. We must have gone about five or six times and it was no surprise, that the first place abroad I visited after her death, was Venice, to see if I could holiday alone. This post contains a lot of how I feel about Venice.

So Venice to me is special and I’ll probably go again this winter.  The winter to me is the best time to visit, as there are less tourists and day-trippers gumming up the city. I always stay in the same hotel close to St. Mark’s Square and even next week, prices are high.  So I suspect that even in the winter now, it’s getting lots of visitors.

So to see that the city is to limit the number of cruise ships that visit, as reported on the BBC, is to me a very good thing.

Looking at prices and knowing the city as I do, I would recommend that if you want to visit Venice, you book the best hotel you can afford close to St. Mark’s Square, fly into the Marco Polo airport and then take the ferry to the centre. It looks like nights at the beginning of the week are best and as Venice is a city which is on the go all the time, Monday to Wednesday, aren’t the disasters some cities are. But go out of the city the back way, using the train to a contrasting city like Milan, Bologna or Verona and fly back from there.  Remember, every sizeable city in Italy is worth visiting and there are very few, where you can’t enjoy yourself sightseeing, eating and drinking for a couple of days.

We must find better ways of visiting Venice, otherwise the city that I love, will be ruined by tourism.

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The Cruise and Duty Free

I never bother with duty-free, as I don’t smoke and don’t want to  carry heavy bottles of booze that I might break.  I did once drop a bottle of Bell’s on the floor at Dulles Airport in Washington. And it broke!

But when duty-free sales were announced on the Tannoy on Oriana, I was very surprised at the rush.

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Why Have I Gone All Tidy?

It’s strange, but over the last week or so, I’ve started to tidy where I work, cook and sleep.

I was particularly tidy on the Oriana. As this post shows.

I’ve never done this at any other time in my life.

Perhaps, it’s because I’d like a girl-friend and I don’t want to invite them home to a load of chaos and mess.

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Blue Skies Over London

On Friday, back in London, I was out and about in the morning doing a bit of shopping.

I saw a lot more sun in those few hours, than I did on ten days of the cruise.

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The Awareness Of Coeliac Disease

According to the Restaurant Manager, there were twenty-four people on a gluten-free diet out of a total of 1,800 passengers.

But what surprised me was the number of passengers, who on seeing my bread or asking, why I declined a roll  and hearing the answer, said that they knew of a coeliac or had one in the family.

Without doubt, the awareness of coeliac disease is increasing and this can only be a good thing!

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Three Images Sum Up The Cruise

As I got off the Oriana, three images sum up the cruise.

The first was a good one and it was the nameplate of my steward with a tip underneath.

Mary Did Well

Mary Did Well

Mary deserves all she receives and I hope she does well in the future.

The second image shows the litter bin containing some of the many tissues, that I used to stem my rhinitis and quite a few tea-bags, as I drank tea incessantly on the cruise.

Tissues And Tea Bags

Tissues And Tea Bags

The third image is only in my mind, but it consists of a queue of glum people wanting to get off the Oriana, as like me, the main thing they came for was a bit of sun, and the weather didn’t deliver.

If I go on a cruise again, I’ll go somewhere, where the weather is guaranteed to be better.

Perhaps though, P&O should pay me to stay away, as it seems I’m always the one, who gets the bad weather.

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