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Flying To Budapest And Getting The Train Back

Next Monday, I’m flying to Budapest and then getting the train back. Or rather several trains back!

I booked the air ticket with ease on Easyjet, but I could have gone for either Ryanair or British Airways.

I chose Easyjet because the flight left at a time, that gave me a full evening in Budapest, despite being more expensive than Ryanair. I would have chosen British Airways, if their cheapest flight had been better timed.

I didn’t incidentally choose my seat on Easyjet, as I find this something that doesn’t appeal, as I generally travel alone.  I always used to get on last and then sit in the aisle seat, with the least troublesome-looking or most attractive passenger next to me. As I only take a case that goes under the seat in front, this means I get easy boarding.  I also get easy disembarking, as I’m in an aisle seat. Strangely, the seat that I was allocated by Easyjet, is probably one I would have chosen by my last boarding method.

All of these posts will be tagged with “Home Run From Budapest”, so they can be quickly found.

Just click the tag with that name at the bottom of this post!

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