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Do We Need Another Thames Crossing?

There have been plans released today about building another crossing of the Thames close to or downstream of the current Dartford Crossing. It’s all here on the BBC.

It will be of no use to me, as I think, I’ve only been over the current crossing, once since I moved here and that was because I was getting a lift home from Ipswich by a friend who lives in Kent.

Even my friend going home to the Netherlands on Friday, crossed under the Thames in the Blackwall Tunnel.

It could be one of those questions, where now, we might actually need the new crossing, but in say a couple of years, we might not.

London Gateway will be operational by then and will this cut down the number of truck movements around the M25?

Hopefully, there will be more trains from St. Pancras into Europe to new destinations like Amsterdam, Cologne and Geneva.

Will too, passengers for Gatwick be less likely to use a car to get there, when Thameslink is fully operational?

And who’s going to predict the effect of Crossrail?

It is a very complex problem and perhaps spending £5billion on a new bridge, might have better effect, if it was spent elsewhere?

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