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Carbon Capture And Storage

I went to the Geological Society yesterday to see a presentation by Paul Garnham of Shell about Carbon Capture and Storage and Shell’s project to implement it on Peterhead Power Station. The lecture is here on the Geological Society web site and a video will be uploaded in a few days.

I knew little about carbon capture and storage or CCS, a few weeks ago, but now after the excellent lecture and some reading, I know a little more. But only a very little!

So have I come to any conclusions?

I haven’t altered my major idea, that the first thing we must do is use a lot less energy and especially that produced by burning fossil fuels in one way or another.

But CCS seems to be one of those crazy ideas, thought up by politicians and oil companies, so they can say, they’re doing something to stop the rise in energy prices. My thoughts turn to King Canute on the beach trying to get the sea to obey him.

I may be proved wrong on CCS, but I object to funding crazy ideas like this, the importation of wood chip and the building of useless wind turbines, when we could do sensible things like insulate houses and other buildings, properly barrage the Severn Estuary, build several nuclear power plants and even use fracking in the short term, until nuclear comes on stream.,

We don’t have an energy policy in this country, but a scientifically incorrect policy to put the lights out.

At least then, with no electricity, we won’t be able to do anything that uses energy!

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