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From Copenhagen To Hamburg By Train

This is one of the more unusual journeys you can do in a high speed train.  Usually, high speed trains, are defined as ones, that are capable of travelling at 200 kph or 125 mph. thus, the UK’s InterCity 125 train, built over forty years ago, are high speed trains, despite being diesel-powered. I thought that the train I was on, was a standard DeutscheBahn ICE.  But it wasn’t, as it was an ICE-TD, which is diesel-powered.

You don’t notice the diesel engine in each car, and the comfort is similar to an electrically-powered train.

But the big difference on this route, which is called the Bird Flight Line, is that the train is carried part of the way in a ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden. Here are a few pictures.

I nearly delayed everything by falling asleep and was quickly roused by the guard and told to get off the train at Rødby.

The train arrived in Hamburg a few minutes late. It certainly had been an unusual trip in a train.  It was also noteworthy as I saw a hare in the station at Puttgarden.  But then a few years ago, I saw one on the dock at the Hook of Holland.

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