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Would I Go Back To Copenhagen?

The most interesting part of Copenhagen was the journey by which I left to Hamburg. I suppose though, that the grotty hotel ruined it and if I go again, I’ll certainly stay somewhere better.

But I have this feeling that I like quirky and unusual places like Spittelau and the gasometers in Vienna, the Vasa in Stockholm or the Rock in Gibraltar. So perhaps Copenhagen is far too sane for my tastes.

I also like to explore in the early morning and it seems a city that gets up late.

So I doubt I’ll ever return again.  But who knows?

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From Copenhagen To Hamburg By Train

This is one of the more unusual journeys you can do in a high speed train.  Usually, high speed trains, are defined as ones, that are capable of travelling at 200 kph or 125 mph. thus, the UK’s InterCity 125 train, built over forty years ago, are high speed trains, despite being diesel-powered. I thought that the train I was on, was a standard DeutscheBahn ICE.  But it wasn’t, as it was an ICE-TD, which is diesel-powered.

You don’t notice the diesel engine in each car, and the comfort is similar to an electrically-powered train.

But the big difference on this route, which is called the Bird Flight Line, is that the train is carried part of the way in a ferry from Rødby to Puttgarden. Here are a few pictures.

I nearly delayed everything by falling asleep and was quickly roused by the guard and told to get off the train at Rødby.

The train arrived in Hamburg a few minutes late. It certainly had been an unusual trip in a train.  It was also noteworthy as I saw a hare in the station at Puttgarden.  But then a few years ago, I saw one on the dock at the Hook of Holland.

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Looking For A Stackable Dining Chair

In my house, I have an unusual elliptical table. I need some chairs to go with it, as the original Habitat ones C bought, are gradually giving up the ghost.

I’d seen one in a shop that might do, near to the grotty hotel, I’d spent the night in. But it was the other side of the station, between the station and the Metro station at Federiksberg. So I took the Metro to that station and then walked back. It was raining hard and my map had collapsed in the rain.  I was on the point of giving up and trying to hail a taxi, when I found a parking map, and a helpful Dane, who said I could walk it in about ten minutes.  I actually, ran it in five!

The chair is called Zesty and comes from PlyCollection.  It is shown here.

At the price shown on the ticket, they are around 290 pounds. But the Latvian company, who makes them, don’t seem to have an agent in the UK.

In the end, I made the train with fifteen minutes to spare.

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The Copenhagen Metro

The Copenhagen Metro is unusual in two ways; it is driver-less like the DLR and it doesn’t go anywhere near the main railway station for the city. As to the latter, I don’t think I’ve ever found a metro like that before. It certainly makes it difficult for visitors.

Hopefully, it will be better when they built the next line.

It is also not up to the standards I like in a Metro, with regard to information. As an example, there are no walking maps at the stations. But then I didn’t see a useable map anywhere in Copenhagen, although there were a couple in Frederiksberg.

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Angale Merkel Hairstyles

I thought at lunch, how many women of a certain age, I’ve seen on this trip sporting Angela Merkel hairstyles.

There’s no understanding off peoples’ taste.

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Lunch In Copenhagen

I had lunch in Copenhagen, by a canal that was lined with restaurants.

A Restaurant-Lined Canal

A Restaurant-Lined Canal

The food was good, but it was probably served at the slowest pace I’d ever received. I was so bored at one point, that I took to taking a photo of the chair opposite.

An Unsuitable Chair

An Unsuitable Chair

Why do you put such a chair in a restaurant? It’s impossible to put your coat over the back of it, so I used the chair next to me for my coat. So they might have lost a cover because of the unsuitable chairs.

In the end, this restaurant ruined my afternoon, as they were so slow on service, I didn’t have time to visit the Jewish Museum in Copenhagen. I’ve always been fascinated, as was my father, about how the Danes got most of their Jews out of the country to Sweden, after the Nazi invasion.

At least though I ate well! Albeit very slowly!

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The Marble Church

I visited this church, popularly called the Marble Church on my way back from the Design Museum.

It was the first place I’d come across except for the DSesign Museum, that was well and truly open. Consequently, it was busy.

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The Danish Design Museum

I spent an hour at the museum, looking at various things, but it didn’t give me any clues as to the furniture I need for my house. Strangely though, they had an exhibition of post war British fabrics. The one on the poster, was suspiciously like one that C chose for our flat in the Barbican.

It was one designed for Heals and in those days C bought the fabric from there for a lot of our curtains.

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The Amalienborg Palace

The Amalienborg Palace is the winter home of the Danish Royal family.

These pictures were taken about ten and show tourists just waiting around for something to happen.

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Wandering Around Copenhagen

I didn’t sleep well, as the hotel was just so hot and the windows didn’t open easily.

About eight, in the morning, I’d had enough, so I checked out and went to the station, where the ticket office was at least open and I was able to buy my ticket to Hamburg on the 15:44 train.  But I did have to queue up for perhaps thirty minutes, as there were no machines.

I then decided to put my case in a left luggage locker.  Not a problem for me, as my case, only weighs a few kilos, but access to the lockers in the basement of the station was down two staircases and very difficult with a heavy case.  There was a lift, but it was very small and slow. When I thought about using it later, someone was in it with a bicycle.

So I said goodbye to the station and started to look for some breakfast. But nothing seemed to open until eleven.  In Stockholm, things started to happen earlier. but eleven is just too late for tourists. I got the impression, that I wasn’t the only visitor aimlessly wandering looking for something to do.

In the centre of Copenhagen, I never saw a map on the street, something that I rely on for directions.  I did have a guide book, but with my gammy left hand, walking and reading a map is not on.

I did find the Danish Design Centre, which according to my guide book had some good exhibits on Danish design.  But the exhibits have now been closed.

Currently We Have No Exhibitions

Currently We Have No Exhibitions

So I just had an excellent coffee and left.

As I walked, nothing was open, but at least there were a few seats, where I could sit by myself in the sun.

A Seat In The Sun

A Seat In The Sun

I’d come to Denmark partly to get ideas for my house, so in the end I walked to the Danish Design Museum, which although it opened at eleven, was open by the time I got there.  I’d actually wasted a lot of time, talking to other tourists, who were standing around just looking aimless. It was also raining by now, which made my map useless, so I was glad to be in some shelter.

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