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Disbelief Over Gospel Oak To Barking Electrification

This article sums up a lot of the responses to the news that the Gospel Oak To Barking Line is going to be electrified.

I was rather surprised too, as it’s not just a matter of putting up overhead wires, as there are lots of places that will be difficult to electrify and some of the platforms are a bit short. Even so the sum of £115million looks to have a bit of fat in it, which might be used for  other purposes, like improving stations with longer platforns and better access and possibly extending the line to Barking Riverside.

Longer trains are obviously on the table, as London Overground is already committed to extending its Class 378 trains from four cars to five and common sense says that where possible, the same trains run all over the lines of the London Overground.  So at worst, the Gospel Oak to Barking Line might get a few three-car Class 378 trains.

At best though, there is scope to reorganise things a bit. Plans have been discussed in and on various informed magazines and web sites, where some or all Barking Trains don’t stop at Gospel Oak, but carry on to Willesden and then go down the West London line.

I think too that there is a bit of disbelief at Transport for London, as they have got what they wanted over the Gospel Oak to Barking Line and they now must decide how best to turn a Cinderella line into the belle of North London. They have welcomed the announcement, but seem to me to have been rather quiet otherwise.

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