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The BBC’s Gloomy Reporting

Despite the good news of the near £10 billion boost the Olympics gave the UK, BBC London is leading with two negative stories.

In one they are saying local business in London are moaning about loss of business because of the games.

And in the other, we have the residents of Surrey complaining that they have more road closures this weekend because of another cycling event. I suppose that it does make it difficult to drive the 4×4. I did hear once that you need a degree in moaning to live in Surrey.

Of course for balance the BBC is also reporting that too much of the Olympic benefit came to London.

In some ways the best legacy from the Olympics in this weather, are the new air-conditioned Class 378 trains on the London Overground and the S Stock on the sub-surface lines of the London Underground. It can also be said, that the place which has benefited most from these trains, is Derby, where they were built or are still being built in the case of the S Stock. It can also be argued that these trains would have been ordered anyway. The value of the orders is approaching two billion pounds.

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