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A Solitary Edinburgh Lith

Walking along Princes Street in the rain, I came across this solitary lith called an Edinburgh Navigator.

A Solitary Edinburgh Lith

A Solitary Edinburgh Lith

They are described here on the website of the company that designed them. For systems like this to be truly useful, there needs to be lots of them and they need to be all over a city and not just in the places, where visitors go. This is the opening paragraph from the web page.

Although Edinburgh has a number of renowned landmarks, research revealed that visitors still found some difficulty finding their way around. Our review of existing visitor navigation illustrated a lack of clear and integrated signage. The solution was to develop an entirely new visitor orientation system – Edinburgh Navigator.

It could be said of so many cities, all over the world.

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  1. […] If you are not familiar with the city, what possible use is this map, especially as there are no walking maps except for a solitary lith on Princes Street. […]

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