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Glasgow’s Impressive Buildings And Structures

There has been a lot of building in Glasgow lately, much of it to do with the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

I was totally surprised by the combined velodrome and sports hall, called the Emirates Arena, which looked a real world class building from the outside.

What with three large football grounds; Ibrox, Celtic Park and Hampden Park, the SSE Hydro and the Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow certainly seems well prepared for the Games.

The finnieston Crane is a Glasgow landmark and was used to lift heavy cargoes onto ships. It reminds me of the massive seaplane crane at Felixstowe, which was used to lift seaplanes and flying boats out of the water. There’s a picture in this report.

i can’t find anything suitable about the Clyde Harbour Tunnel of which the two rotundas are part.  They look very much like the buildings of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel in London, except they are much larger.

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Cash Machines Behind Barriers

By now, I’d determined that I needed to get a taxi to my hotel and as luck would have it not only was my phone out of juice, but so was my wallet.

So as I needed money for the taxi, I needed a cash machine and where are both of these found? In a station! But as the picture shows the only ones I could find were behind the ticket barriers.

Cash Machines Behind Barriers

Cash Machines Behind Barriers

Luckily, I was let through and got the money for the taxi. As it was the driver didn’t take credit cards, so I definitely needed that cash.

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Wandering Glasgow In The Rain

I followed the map to the Tourist Office, but as the pictures show it was closed.

In fact, I found out later that it had been moved, but that the maps on the liths hadn’t been updated. Is this a problem with this type of city navigation system?

In the end, the liths got me out of trouble, as I knew that there was a Carluccio’s in West Nile Street, which the maps led me to. I was able to dry out and use the wi-fi to fid out where my hotel was located and have a much needed lunch.

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Welcomed To Glasgow By A Lith

On arriving at Glasgow Queen Street station, I was met by this obvious lith.

Welcomed To Glasgow By A Lith

Welcomed To Glasgow By A Lith

From the map, I was able to locate the tourist office for more information.

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A Stop At Coatbridge Sunnyside

The train from Edinburgh to Glasgow, went by this appropriately named station.

A Stop At Coatbridge Sunnyside

A Stop At Coatbridge Sunnyside

The weather wasn’t very sunny!

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A Solitary Edinburgh Lith

Walking along Princes Street in the rain, I came across this solitary lith called an Edinburgh Navigator.

A Solitary Edinburgh Lith

A Solitary Edinburgh Lith

They are described here on the website of the company that designed them. For systems like this to be truly useful, there needs to be lots of them and they need to be all over a city and not just in the places, where visitors go. This is the opening paragraph from the web page.

Although Edinburgh has a number of renowned landmarks, research revealed that visitors still found some difficulty finding their way around. Our review of existing visitor navigation illustrated a lack of clear and integrated signage. The solution was to develop an entirely new visitor orientation system – Edinburgh Navigator.

It could be said of so many cities, all over the world.

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