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My New Shopping Bag

For some years, I’ve used some shopping bags, that were free with Waitrose’s Quick Check system. I no longer use the system and I don’t think it is available, in any of the branches near me. My last bag is on its last legs, but they do seem to work on the dreadful self-service tills at the Angel.They also are an easy one hand carry for my left hand and can generally cope with the biggest daily shop I do.

Yesterday, I was doing some shopping at their Canary Wharf branch and needed to carry it home on the Underground.  As I didn’t have a bag with me, I didn’t fancy using a plastic carrier, as they aren’t good when they are full and I’m always frightened, that I’ll end up with shopping all over the tube or the bus. So I asked if they had any bags like the ones I used to use with Quick Check and they found this one at the back of a store.

My New Shopping Bag

My New Shopping Bag

I was charged two pounds, but I did get it home safely.

The trouble is it’s not trendy and modern.  But it does have a large capacity  and it does work well!

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  1. Those kind of bags are really strong. I often buy canvas bags from charity stalls, I have several Guide Dogs For Blind ones, one that Lynne’s church were selling, which is very strong, I find the Waitrose plastic ones which you pay 5 p for are pretty strong, but I only every buy very light things because my hands aren’t strong enough to carry anything heavy.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | October 31, 2013 | Reply

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