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My Annoying Hand

My poor hand doesn’t seem to have the will to allow a plaster to stick on it.

The nurse at the surgery had a go this morning and his effort with steri-strips is coming to grief, as my skin doesn’t seem to offer enough grip for them.

So I’ve now put a solid old fashioned lint patch and zinc-oxide plaster over the wound.  I now cover it with a cotton glove to help stop the plaster being disturbed.

After all it is the Eve of All Saints’ Day.

I suppose the problem is that, as the wound is on the point of the knuckle, any movement stretches the skin. I think I might go to Rymans, if this doesn’t stick and buy a large rubber band.

It is all very annoying!

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My New Shopping Bag

For some years, I’ve used some shopping bags, that were free with Waitrose’s Quick Check system. I no longer use the system and I don’t think it is available, in any of the branches near me. My last bag is on its last legs, but they do seem to work on the dreadful self-service tills at the Angel.They also are an easy one hand carry for my left hand and can generally cope with the biggest daily shop I do.

Yesterday, I was doing some shopping at their Canary Wharf branch and needed to carry it home on the Underground.  As I didn’t have a bag with me, I didn’t fancy using a plastic carrier, as they aren’t good when they are full and I’m always frightened, that I’ll end up with shopping all over the tube or the bus. So I asked if they had any bags like the ones I used to use with Quick Check and they found this one at the back of a store.

My New Shopping Bag

My New Shopping Bag

I was charged two pounds, but I did get it home safely.

The trouble is it’s not trendy and modern.  But it does have a large capacity  and it does work well!

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Siemens’ View Of The Future Of The Underground

This mock-up of an Underground train is being shown at The Crystal by the Royal Victoria station on the Emirates Air Line.

If they ever build these trains, what will be much more significant is the technical specification of the new trains.

If you look at these pictures, you’ll see that the cross section appears taller and wider than the current deep-level trains. It has been designed so that someone of 2.6 metres can stand without stooping.

The trains are designed to be articulated with a walk-through gangway, like the new S Stock on the sub-surface lines. I think Siemens hope that air-conditioning could be squeezed in.

It is a pity that most of London’s Underground was built to such a small size, but that is one of the problems you get by being first. The technical problems of London though, are probably minor compared to building new trains for the Glasgow Subway, which is even smaller and totally unique.

I doubt London will ever see a new Underground line built to the current tube standard, developed by the Victorians!

Crossrail is effectively a main line railway and other lines across London will probably use that standard, with the possible exception of some lines built to the standard used on the Docklands Light Railway.

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