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Lea Bridge Station

Lea Bridge Station is going to be reopened at the end of next year.  As I was passing, I took a few pictures of the station as it is today.

It would appear that a certain amount of clearing up has been done.

What surprised me was the landscaping around the line at this point.

It is also close to a couple of attractions in the Lea Valley Park, is well seved by buses and there were quite a few pedestrians and cyclists about. I had actually been to the nearby Lea Valley Riding Centre, to see about getting back on a horse.

So I am not be surprised that the figures showed the station is a good one to reopen.  Although this article says that it might close.

I have a feeling that the figures will be nowhere like they are predicted. But whether they are higher or lower, I will not guess.

A lot depends on the service levels through the station, which currently sees two trains every hour in each direction.  If that were to be doubled, it would make a lot of difference.

There is a good article and discussion on Lea Bridge station here on London Reconnections.

On a personal basis, I might use the station to go north, as it is one 56 bus to the station. So if I was going to Broxbourne or one of the other stations up the Lea Valley line, it would be a simple alternative.  Especially, if the trains were four an hour.

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