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Money Saving Travel Tips

These are from today’s Times.

I thought I’d comment.

1. Restrictions on use of plane tickets

The writer is commenting mainly about trying to get a cheap airline ticket, by buying a return ticket and not using the outward half.

I would never do that, as I prefer to go out by plane and return by train. As the area, I travel is generally in Europe, I tend to use low-cost  airlines, so buying a one-way ticket is easy. On my last leg home, I never have a problem buying a Eurostar ticket for the right time.

2. No refunds for flights

As I’ve usually got a cheap ticket, do I care? ~Not a lot and I suspect, the refund would be covered by my travel insurance.

3. Villa rental confusion

If I needed a villa or an apartment for a few days en route, I’d go to a local company, as I passed through. And of course, I’d get a chance to look it over before I signed! I might check out a local agent before I left, but let’s face it all those in property rental and sales, are dodgy the world over.

4. Booking through third party websites

I do use some hotel booking sites occasionally, but most are just taking a cut for doing nothing.

With trains, it’s always better to book with the train company direct, whether in the UK or Europe. I once booked with a highly-advertised UK train web site, and it was a full time job fighting the spam, they kept sending me. I never used them since and I think I get my trains cheaper.

5. Changes to ports of call on a cruise.

It won’t affect me any more, as I won’t take another cruise, unless say it was to see something special, like an eclipse of the sun.

However the great thing about coming across Europe by train, is that if a disaster like atrocious weather strikes, you can change your itinerary.

You have all the control.

6. Car rental ruses

Who needs that.  I might hire a car and driver.

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