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TfL’s Big Problem For 2015

look at this map for the London Overground.

TfL's Big Problem For 2015

TfL’s Big Problem For 2015

When the Lea Valley Lines come under the control of TfL in 2015, it’s going to give them a terrible problem about how they incorporate them into the maps.

But that’s only the start, as Crossrail will appear in 2018.  But that has already shown on a map.

Map At Kings Cross

The picture shows the short-lived Lego version at Kings Cross station, this summer.

they’ve also got the problem of what to call Crossrail, if they do change the name. there has been some talk of calling it the Queen Elizabeth line, by such as Boris Johnson. I suspect, it’ll be called Crossrail or something similar like Across or EastWest line, if Boris doesn’t get his way.

If we called it Across, then Crossrail 2 could be called the Diagnonal line!

Of all the wonderful feats I have performed,  I think yesterday I performed the most wonderful. I produced unanimity among 15 men who were all quarrelling about that most ticklish subject — taste

I think Brunel would have loved this problem, judging by this quote from the engineer.

It’s not a problem, I would like to have to solve.

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