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From Canary Wharf To Walthamstow Central

On a quick examination, Canary Wharf and Walthamstow Central, are both important transport hubs in their parts of London and probably there is significant commuter traffic between the two stations.

After my trip on the cable car, I took the Jubilee line to Canary Wharf, where I had a coffee.

After looking at some other things, I found I was running a bit late for lunch in Walthamstow.

I suspect the fastest way is usually to take the Jubilee line to Green Park and then change to the Victoria line. Using my mother’s rule on seventeen stations and one change gives 39 minutes. but there was one flaw, the Jerrylee line wasn’t running past Waterloo.  At least, I wouldn’t have to walk miles in the tunnels at Green Park.

The obvious choice seemed to be to take a DLR or the Jerrylee line to Stratford and then get a bus. I chose the DLR, as I was nearer, and after a few minutes wait, I was on my way.

It was then that I made the wrong choice. The first bus to arrive was a 257, which treated me to a mystery tour of Leyton and parts of Epping Forest.

When I arrived late at my lunch, I’d taken quite a bit over an hour.

So what does the Tfl Journey Planner say?

It did suggest one all Underground route via London Bridge and Kings Cross, which was fourteen stations and two changes. Or 38 minutes according to my mother!

the others suggested were verging on the exotic, in that they generally involved taking a Central line train to Leyton or Leytonstone and then getting a bus.  One even suggested getting off the bus and taking the Overground.

I think all of this illustrates the problem of going north and south in East London, unless you can use the Northern line or the East London line.

Crossrail might improve the journey a bit, as you should be able to reach Bond Street a minute or two quicker.  But will the change to the Victoria line, require superhuman stamina?

What might help though, is if the services to Walthamstow are improved, when the Lea Valley lines come under the control of the London Overground. If the Hall Farm Curve is rebuilt, services from Walthamstow to Stratford could be of the order of twelve minutes, giving a time of Canary Wharf to Walthamstow Central of about twenty five minutes.

Tfl have the figures for the traffic, but surely creating a good service between Chingford via Walthamstow to Stratford would relieve the Victoria line, by giving those in Waltham Forest, an alternative route to Central London.

TfL haven’t published any plans for the Lea Valley lines and I’m waiting to see what they propose. If I judge them on the current Overground, it’ll have a few surprises and innovations.

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