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Is Bristol Left Behind?

I travel all over the UK watching football and visiting cities. Go to Hull, Brighton, Nottingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and many other places and you’ll see shining new stadia and public buildings.

This article entitled Why Does Bristol Never Build Anything?  got me thinking. I have been to Bristol a couple of times to watch football and Bristol City’s stadium at Ashton Gate was one of the worse in The Championship.

Bristol is the sixth’s largest city in England and over a million live in the catchment area, so it is up there in size and population with some of the biggest.

It deserves better!  The city is missing out as this piece from the article says.

When England hosts the Rugby World Cup in 2015, a number of games will be played at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, as well as at 12 stadiums across England. No games will be played in Bristol, though, because “there is no decent stadium”, says Rhodri Morgan, Wales’ First Minister from 2000 till 2009.

It certainly, isn’t a city that keeps calling me back like Nottingham, Brighton, Liverpool and Leeds do!

The only other large city, that seems to not present its best face to visitors is Coventry, which again has stadium trouble.

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