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A Worrying Report On CFCs And HCFCs

It is being reported that mysterious CFC and HCFC gases have been found in the atmosphere. Here’s the first part of the report.

Scientists have identified four new man-made gases that are contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer.

Two of the gases are accumulating at a rate that is causing concern among researchers.

Worries over the growing ozone hole have seen the production of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases restricted since the mid 1980s.

I have no theory about how these gases got there, as I’m no chemist or environmental scientist.

But I do feel that there are an awful lot of unnecessary drug inhalers powered by HCFCs used in the world.

I don’t mean unnecessary from the medical point of view, although in the 1990s, there were some amazing anomalies in the prescribing of these devices.

Some years ago, I backed a company that went on to produce an inhaler, that used no compressed gases, no batteries or any other noxious or environmentally-unfriendly substance.

It was so impressive that we were brought up at the Montreal Protocol talks, where some delegates tried to get the banning of HCFCs as well. They failed as some countries and Big Pharma didn’t want a ban.

So what happened to our device?

We sold it to Bohringer Ingelheim for a lot of money and it is described on this website.

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