The Anonymous Widower

The Train From Hell

I won’t talk about the match at Blackburn, as Ipswich lost.

But I had one of the worst train journeys I’ve ever had returning from Blackburn to Manchester.

It was one of Northern Rail’s scrapyard specials, or a Class 150 or similar to name it correctly.

But the real problem was that it was full of drunken twenty somethings, who were drinking bottles of Foster and other rubbish. The noise was horrendous.

Until corrected, I would assume everybody was going from Blackburn to a night out in Manchester.

Such behaviour on the Underground, would have resulted in many taking a walk home.

I was glad to get off the train at Salford Crescent to get another train to Piccadilly.  But that wasn’t without its contingent of drinkers.

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  1. If it helps, Australia has its own fair share of yobs. But even the lowest don’t stoop to drinking Fosters. No one here does. I believe its made from the same formula Dr Jekyll used to enhance *his* social skills.

    Comment by John Thurgood | April 6, 2014 | Reply

  2. I can’t drink most beer, as it has gluten in it. But at least I can enjoy decent wine, Irish and Scotch whisky and good craft cider.

    Comment by AnonW | April 6, 2014 | Reply

  3. […] rather decrepit and cramped Class 150 Sprinter DMU or scrapyard specials as I called them in this post. They seem to run twice an hour, which is better than those from Leeds and Preston, which are just […]

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