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At a brief glance, the idea of a flying wind turbine, is akin to putting cows and pigs in the sky.

But enter a company called Altaeros Energies.

Look at their press release and video here.

It may seem wacky and totally off the wall, but the designers could have something.

When I did my electrical engineering degree in the 1960s, power was generated by either water from dams or steam generated by burning coal or oil or from nuclear.

There was no natural gas in the UK, and using it to generate electricity wasn’t in anybody’s book of ideas.

Now a good proportion of our electricity is generated directly from gas.

So don’t make any predictions about how we will generate electricity in ten or twenty years time.

The only certainty, is that a good proportion of our electricity will come from an unexpected source, that is totally discounted or even unheard of at the present time.


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