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The Pilot With More Lives Than A Cat’s Home

I watched the documentary entitled Britain’s Greatest Pilot: The Extraordinary Story of Captain Winkle Brown on BBC2 last night.

The title says his story has been extraordinary and never a truer use has been made of the word. His Wikipedia  entry reads like something penned by W E Johns.

He flew a total of 487 different aircraft types and made a record of no less than 2047 landings on aircraft carriers.

If his flying exploits weren’t enough, as he was a fluent German speaker, he interrogated some of the worst Nazi war criminals.

In the documentary last night he was still bright as a button at ninety-five.

If ever there was a program that everybody should see, then this is the one. This link is to the copy on iPlayer.

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HS2 Must Be Right As The C of E Opposes It

This report in the Telegraph and praying that HS2 will be halted. Here’s the first paragraph.

The Church of England has announced its opposition to HS2 – saying the high speed rail line will desecrate graves and shatter peace

This to me proves HS2 must be a good thing as the C of E’s idea of progress seems very much to go in a backwards direction.

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