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The Film That Changed My Life!

Last night, I went to the Hackney Picturehouse to see the newly-remastered digital version of Hard Day’s Night.

The film was originally released in July 1964 and I probably saw it that summer or soon afterwards. I remember I spent that summer in London, as I was working at Enfield Rolling Mills, in the Electronics Laboratory, putting little bits of automation on metal processing machinery.

There was a mixed-sex group of us at school, who spent time together and went to parties, plays and events. Some of us may have gone to see the film together after the summer. We did go to see the Beatles in Hammersmith that Christmas, which was a night I’ll never forget.

But whenever and wherever I saw Hard Day’s Night for the first time, it had a tremendous effect on my life.

I often wonder, if I’d not seen the film and the Beatles live, whether I would have ever considered going to Liverpool University. If I hadn’t, I’d have never met C and my life would have been completely different.

Since that first viewing, wherever it was, that film has always been one of my favourites and I’ve seen it many times. But not as many times, as I would have liked, as C never liked to see a film too many times.

So it was an absolute joy to see the film last night.

The cinema was surprisingly full for a Monday night and the audience was generally about fifty upwards, although there were a few children and teenagers there, with a sprinkling of twenty- and thirty-somethings.

The film still has all the power to delight and inspire and I suspect it will be doing so for many years yet.

As I said to a young couple as I left the cinema last night, the film proved to me that we could all have dreams and live them! I certainly have lived my life to the full!

Without the Beatles and a Hard Day’s Night, the world would be a very much poorer place.

I’d probably have gone to a third-rate University and ended up back in Felixstowe in a semi with  a thick ugly wife and 2.4 children. Perish the thought!

If Hard Day’s Night comes to a cinema near you in the next few months, then go and see one of the most significant films of the 1960s, that did a lot to redefine modern cinema.


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  1. Another interesting article but a caveat as I sit in my Felixstowe semi with 2 children and never went to university. Wife is punching above my weight however! Come on you blues

    Comment by David | July 12, 2014 | Reply

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