The Anonymous Widower

The First Off Licence In Frinton

Frinton had a reputation that it was a town, where the buying of alcohol was difficult and there were no pubs or shops selling the demon drink.

In the early 1980s, C was a pupil barrister in Ipswich and she was asked to do a case, where normally barristers would not be required.

She was asked to do an off-licence application for the Co-op, who were opening a small supermarket in the town. They thought that they wouldn’t get the licence, so that had approached her Chambers for some heavy weaponry to do the necessary.

When she met the man, who would actually hold the licence, she knew it would be a forgone conclusion.

He was a charming man, of Asian origin, who had been chosen well by the Co-op to knock down the barriers in the oh-so-genteel town of Frinton.

Whether she played the race card in Court, I do not know, but from fellow lawyers, who’d faced her in various cases, I know she had a subtle skill with words, that told those that matter, what she would do if she lost.

That was the last she ever heard of the case after the application for an off licence was approved.

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