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Food Tasting At Leon

C always used to say about me, that I couldn’t handle bones. Whereas a good part of the population like to eat spare ribs, I tried them just once and haven’t tasted them in perhaps thirty years. If we had chops for supper, she would always take mine after I’d finished , and then strip any spare meat. In fact, when I have chops now, I always buy them without the bone. I also am one of the few men, who can’t carve.

It’s not a phobia or anything like that, it’s probably down to a problem with my hand and arm.

It’s also not just meat, but I really can’t fillet fish on my plate. Although, I’m getting better at that, if someone presents me with a plaice or sole on the bone. I’ve also got form about getting bones stuck in my throat, as this post shows.

I had been asked to taste a new gluten-free chicken by Leon, so I went with a friend to their restaurant in Spitalfields.

Gluten Free Chicken At Leon

Gluten Free Chicken At Leon

The chicken unfortunately was on the bone. It is cooked in a herb crust and is served with a dip of choice.

Despite the bones, I quite liked it, although of the dips I tried, some of them were more to my taste than others.

I might try one again, but now I know it has bones, I would probably stick to one of their bunless burgers.

I’ve asked my companion for an opinion and I’ll post it when I get it.

But you have to admire Leon for being upfront with calling a product Gluten Free Chicken. How long before this initiative is copied?

And how long before we get Gluten Free Lamb etc.?

Ten years ago, coeliacs like me had a problem finding good food in a restaurant. Now in the average town or city centre, this choice has got a lot easier in the UK. But like the Tap on the Line, there are still restaurants trying to do good food, who don’t have a clue!

Recently Carluccio’s have changed their bread from an excellent brown one, to something best described as a crap white.

Restaurants that don’t cater for coeliacs and the gluten free, now have a problem, in that there are now several restaurant chains, who take gluten free meals seriously!

I once asked Gordon Ramsey about his attitude to those who asked for gluten-free food in his restaurants. He said that if when you book, you say you’re gluten-free and they say they can’t handle it, then the establishment is not a good restaurant.

I would take this further. And restaurant that thinks it’s at the top of its class, that doesn’t say what dishes are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, vegetarian or vegan etc., is definitely not at the top.

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  1. I can’t do bones either, I avoid them whenever I can, and I have been known to ask restaurants to bone meat for me if the chosen dish is on the bone.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | September 14, 2014 | Reply

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