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Have The New Car Tax Rules Killed The Congestion Charge/Parking Fiddle?

Some years ago, I was selling an old Ford Escort Estate that was definitely a runner with virtually a year’s car tax and MOT, on eBay.

I only wanted a few hundred and I thought I had a deal.

When the lady who’d bought it and I talked over the phone, she said that she’d give me cash and deal with all the handover paperwork to save me the hassle. I said no to the latter and she then said, that I could forget the sale.

So I then looked at her purchase history on eBay and found that she’d bought about twenty or so clean cars like the Escort. All seemed to have a reasonably long tax and MOT and cost just a few hundred pounds.

I e-mailed the DVLA, as I thought the whole thing stank. They informed me, that the car would be sold to someone, who needed to get around London without paying the congestion charge. All of the fines and charges would obviously go to the previous owner.

They asked if I could forward all of the details to them.

I never heard any more from the lady, but the DVLA informed me a couple of years later, that they had mounted a successful prosecution.

Having looked at the new car tax rules, I think that the days of this type of scam are dead.


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