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Match Eight – Wigan 1 – Ipswich 2

This match was expected to be played on Saturday the twentieth, as my ticket showed.

A Ticket With The Wrong Date

A Ticket With The Wrong Date

But Sky decided to show the match and a few weeks ago, it was moved to Monday the twenty-second. It was actually better for me as it meant I could go to Millwall to see them play league leader; Forest, with a friend.

So as it was Monday night and there were no trains back to London from Wigan after the match, I decided to go to see a friend in Liverpool University and stay the night in the Second City. Partly, this was because there was no acceptable hotel in the centre of Wigan. I would have thought, that given the Orwellian connection, that a decent hotel at Wigan Pier might be a goer. Even a Premier Inn at Wigan Pier would have a certain ring to it.

One point to note for all those living in London, is that I purchased my Liverpool Wigan return ticket on Sunday from the machine at Dalston Junction station.

My Liverpool Wigan Tickets

My Liverpool Wigan Tickets

It cost me £5.20 with my Senior Railcard, which is the same price as that on-line from the Northern Rail website. But it is so much less hassle, as you get the tickets at the time you purchase. It’s fascinating to see how old-fashioned ticketing machines are fighting back against the Internet. Although of course, these new ticket machines on the London Overground, are effectively on-line terminals using the Internet to make a purchase.

I’d incidentally bought my First Class ticket to Liverpool from Euston on Virgin for £25.10 a couple of weeks ago. The guy opposite me paid £41 buying the night before. I know I have a Railcard, which cuts my price from £37.65.  But my companion only paid a few pounds more booking the night before.

As we got tea, soft drinks and a snack, it just shows what good value some of these First Class tickets are.

I arrived at the match at Wigan about seven after taking a taxi from Wigan North Western. The welcome was its usual friendly one at the stadium and the bag check was an intelligent one. Inside, supporters of both sides weren’t that numerous.

A Sparse Crowd At The Match

A Sparse Crowd At The Match

But then the match was on Sky. This was Ipswich’s third time this season, so let’s hope it boosts the crowd at Portman Road.

I left the match a few minutes early, so I could be sure of getting a taxi back to the station. In the end a call to a taxi on 01942-242424 brought one immediately, so I had quite a few minutes to wait for my train to Liverpool. But as it was the last one at 22:03, I just had to catch it. Hopefully, when the electrification is complete, one of the benefits will be later trains connecting Liverpool, Manchester, Blackpool, Preston and the stations in between.

Perhaps too, Wigan Athletic could think of improving the transport to and from the ground. The taxis weren’t expensive, but finding one can be a problem, as the first driver told me. He incidentally gave me the number of a rival company to get back to the station.

I suspect that there is a walking route from a bus stop near the ground. It should be indicated at the station. And where is the Wigan version of London’s bus spider map at the station?

As it was the match was a fair result, as I agreed with a fellow Ipswich fan on the train back to Liverpool. He only has limited vision and was escorted to the match by his guide dog; Trigger., who I’d met in 2010 at Crewe. Apparently, Trigger gets a very good welcome at the DW Stadium.

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