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Refurbishing A Northern Rail Class 319

There has been a bit of disquiet up North, about the new Liverpool to Manchester electrified service being run by late-1980s vintage Class 319 trains. I took a few pictures in October and they can be seen on this post.

I think it is best to charitably describe the interiors as something designed by a committee of accountants, with a love of pink!

Inside A Class 319 Train

I would use the word dreadful liberally! Now look at this page on the Northern Rail web site and in particular this image.

Inside A Northern Rail Class 319

Inside A Northern Rail Class 319

Where’s all the pink gone? Or are Northern Rail applying a liberal use of Photoshop?

I doubt it’s the latter, but it does show how British Rail got the engineering right with the Mark 3 coach, on which the Class 319 is based.

On the page on the Northern Rail website, there’s a time-lapse video of the refurbishment, if you still think it’s all fake.

The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and I can’t wait to ride between Liverpool and Manchester on an electric train.

To be fair to the Class 319, it must be one of the ugliest trains on the UK network and I bet everybody wishes they’d got someone like Kenneth Grange to upsex the front end, as he did for the InterCity 125. But as an old Suffolk horseman said to me.

A good horse is never a bad colour.

The Class 319 is a good train, but the old colour isn’t the best.

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