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Who’d Want To Live In Peterborough, Colchester, Milton Keynes Or Swindon?

This BBC article describes best and worst places to get around without a car. The four places in the heading are the four worst places.

I do know that as regards getting to the football ground, Colchester and Milton Keynes are pretty difficult, although Peterborough and Milton Keynes aren’t too bad.

This is the top ten worst and my thoughts.

Peterborough – I’ve been to the city several times by train and just walk into the town centre to see the magnificent cathedral or have a meal with a friend. I have never seen a bus there at all or any signs to a central bus station. But there are lots of taxis.

Colchester – It’s years since I’ve been there and it has a station, that is away from the town centre, the hospital and football ground, the only places I would ever be likely to go. As I don’t drive or take unnecessary taxis, I doubt, I’ll ever go to the town again.

Milton Keynes – I have no fond memories of the capital of roundabouts, but I was mugged there by the street furniture. I shall not be sad, if I never go to the town again.

Swindon – When I went to Swindon, the road in front of the station was being dig up, but I don’t have any fond memories of my walk to the football ground.

Wigan – I suppose it’s got a public transport system, that suits the character of the town. It hasn’t even signposted a decent walking route from the rail station to the football ground.

Bradford – I remember Bradford, as one of the worst places I went to, when I visited all 92 football grounds.

Derby – I go to Derby regularly to see Ipswich play at Pride Park, which is close to the station. There is nothing at the station, that might draw me into the city to perhaps have a meal. Is Derby’s passenger-unfriendly public transport system summed up, by the fact that there are no late trains back to London, after an evening football match? It treats those without cars and especially visitors as losers, who should be ignored.

Dudley – No comment. But I don’t think I’d ever want to go!

Northampton – A strong contender for the capital of roundabouts, where I would definitely think twice about going.

Gateshead – See Dudley

If I look at the best places, London is top, with Manchester second and Liverpool third. My big argument with most of them in the top ten except London, is that the information and maps aren’t good enough for someone, who doesn’t know the city well.

One big difference between the top and bottom tens, is that Derby is amongst the worst and Nottingham is in with the best. Surely, as the cities are so close together, the comparison between them should be examined in detail.

The full details of the Better Transport 2014 Car Dependency Scorecard, should be read by everyone.

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