The Anonymous Widower

Sixty Years On

I must have been about seven, when I went with my father to Earls Court to see the Printing Exhibition.

My father didn’t like deep tube lines, which I’d always put down to an experience during the Second World War.

So his route to Earls Court after parking his car outside his print works in Station Road, wasn’t to go the obvious one by Underground from Wood Green Tube station.

We walked up the hill to the train station that is now called Alexandra Palace station. In those days it was called Wood Green (Alexandra Park) and I still refer to it as Wood Green station, as the Underground one is Wood Green tube station.

From the station we took a local steam train, probably hauled by a Class N2 from the 1920s into Kings Cross. At Kings Cross it was onto a Metropolitan line train to Hammersmith and then it was back a couple of stops on the Piccadilly line to Barons Court for the exhibition.

A roundabout way compared to the way most would go. But it ewas an adventure for a seven-year-old, especially as you got to see lots of interesting machines at the exhibition.

I’d always though, as I said that something nasty in the war had put my father off the tube, but now I’m getting older, I find the older deep tube lines rather stuffy and usually plan my journeys to avoid them. As my father and I share several health problems like arthritis and catarrh, I now wonder if his avoidance of the deep lines, was because he didn’t like the atmosphere down there. You have to remember, that in the 1950s, smoking was allowed in the Underground, which certainly didn’t help matters.

Last night, I heard that Alexandra Palace was one of twenty-six stations that were going to get upgraded access. So I went to have a look.

What a change!

The pedestrian bridge across the lines will probably be fitted with lift towers and given a general upsprucing.

I particularly liked the architectural idea of the large window overlooking the tracks. There must be times when staff need to watch all platforms and this view sometimes must be better than sitting in the office watching screens.

In fact with its cafe and details, the station has the feel of a classy historic shopping arcade, all done with a modern feel. Whoever designed and rebuilt this station, has set a high bar for the hundreds of smaller stations all over the country.

So is it true to say that Crossrail 2 will be getting its first updated station in a few years and long before the new line is built?

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  3. Definitely improving! I hope (and assume) they do something with the bridge soon. Still not the nicest thing to walk along on a dark evening.

    Comment by R | December 17, 2014 | Reply

  4. I expect they will. Have you written to Network Rail and the Council?

    Comment by AnonW | December 18, 2014 | Reply

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