The Anonymous Widower

I’d Like A Muse

As Christmas arrives and it will be my seventh since the death of my wife; C.

It’s obviously impossible to want her back in the same way that some divorcees want a sanitised version of their previous partner, without perhaps the violence, gambling, drinking or leaving the toilet seat up.

But I got to thinking about what I actually want and in some ways I think I’d like a muse in the way that many artists, writers and thinkers did in the past and probably do now.

C and I both had our own areas of work, but there was also a grey area, where I suggested things she might do to make perhaps a difficult case less stressful and she would criticise some of my wilder ideas, designs or flights of fantasy.

It was fun and we enjoyed life to the full. I look at the things I used to do with her that I rarely do now, as I don’t like doing them alone.A list includes going horse racing, to the theatre and I don’t go to the films as often as I used to. As to trying out good restaurants, I don’t really bother unless I’m travelling. A good meal always needs good company to make it worthwhile.

I also love going shopping with a woman, where we choose clothes for each other. I haven’t done that for some years.

What I don’t need is a cook or skivvy!

If C was my muse, then I like to think I was her consort!

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  1. Have you considered looking around for some place you could meet women in the same position as you, with the same interests, for outings and theatre trips etc. There must be very many ladies in that position who would be delighted to meet an intelligent interesting man such as yourself. There are probably sites on the internet which genuinely help people find companions, but aren’t dating sites.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | December 18, 2014 | Reply

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