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Bachelor Searching For Wife On Tube Billboard Ad Reading ‘Best Indian Takeaway’ Flooded With Offers

The title of this post, is the same as that of this article on ITV.

This is my picture of the poster at Oxford Circus station.

I hope he gets value from his investment.

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Coronavirus: New York Couples Can Now Tie The Knot Over Zoom

The title of this post is the same as that of this article on the BBC.

This is the introductory paragraph.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an order allowing online marriages, as many weddings are cancelled under lockdown restrictions.

It sounds like a sensible idea to me.

When I first heard this story, I wondered if Zoom will be allowed for Quickie divorces?

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Stop It! Phone App Cries Out To Deter Japan Subway Gropers

The title of this post, is the same as that of an article on page 31 of today’s Times.

An app has been developed and deployed in Japan, where if a lady being groped on the Subway if she presses a button on the app, it displays an appropriate message on her phone.

If the groper persists, then another button, shouts out a message.

As a regular traveller on crowded London Underground and Overground trains, I know groping goes on, but I have never seen it happen, except between obviously consenting couples, who arrived and left together.

Although, you do get the odd bumping at times, but usually smiles and a sorry, say it is a genuine accident.

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Are Class 378 Trains Better For Canoodling?

A couple, who were probably married or in a long term relationship, judging by their body language were at it yesterday.

She was sitting on the perch seat by the door.

He was standing in front, facing her, whispering sweet nothings or his supper preferences in her ear, as the train with standing room only trundled towards Whitechapel.

You see this type of behaviour regularly.

Was encouraging it a design objective?

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The Lady In High Heels

As I walked along the travelator to the Jubilee Line, I was passed by a lady walking fast in the space between the two moving walkways.

She was striking from behind in a short leather skirt and very high heels. Almost as if to show herself off, she was carrying her lightweight coat over her arm.

It got me thinking about C; my late wife.

In the 1960s, she wore skirts, as short as any girl does today, but she never ever wore heels higher than four or five centimetres or so!

She even got married to me in flat shoes!

But she did show herself off and would deliberately click her heels as perhaps she walked between tables in a high class restaurant. I remember her doing this in a Michelin-starred restaurant in London and when I told her how all the mainly-male diners had followed her with their eyes, she was obviously pleased.

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An MP Guilty Of Sexual Impropriety

One night many years ago, C and myself had a dinner party. One of the guests brought her husband with her. At the time, the husband may have still been an MP, or he may just have just lost an election.

At dinner, he constantly fiddled with C’s leg, but she had been warned of his probably behaviour, by one her best friends and had worn protection in the shape of a long dress, with layers of petticoats underneath.

Even with permission, it was difficult to find you way in!

C handled herself and anyway, he was the sort of man, she wouldn’t have fancied in a whole century of Sundays.

A few days later on meeting her friend, C related the incident.

Her friend then told her what had happened at a party that she had given. One of her female friends had got rather drunk and had been led upstairs by the MP.

Everything was apparently going well, until the MP got undressed.

On seeing his filthy grey vest that was full of large holes, the lady came to her senses, laughed extremely loudly and long and returned to the party.

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Andrea Leadsom’s Lack Of Judgement

Andrea Leadsom may now have apologised to Theresa May according to this article on the BBC, but I believe the whole affair, shows a remarkable lack of judgement on her part.

In some ways it’s personal to me, as my family has a rather unusual genetic trait.

I have traced me male line back to The Tailor of Bexley in 1800 or so, and I’m certain that is where my coeliac disease came from.

What is curious, is that most women born into the direct male line of the family seem unable to have children, although nieces of the direct line have managed it.

It seems that if you’re the daughter of a coeliac in my family, you can’t have children.

You might say, as I’m a man, who only fathered sons, how am I affected?

Looking back on my family history, it has been riven with arguments and at the bottom of this, there has been the problems of some very strong females, both born in and married to the family.

I’ve also met others, who have similar problems in their families, which leads me to the conclusion, that the significant problem of childless women, should be left to themselves, their family and their doctors.

So to bring it up as an election issue, is just not on. In fact, as Michael Gove was adopted, you can accuse her of other things as well. I lived with an adopted woman for forty years and they are both proud and sensitive about their status.

As a Prime Minister, Leadsom will have to deal with lots of sensitive subjects and I don’t think she has the judgement and tact to handle some of the more difficult problems of this country and the wider world.

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I Had To Look Twice!

When I picked up Monday’s copy of The Times, I had to ook twice at the picture on the front.

I Had To Look Twice!

I Had To Look Twice!

I was asking myself, why they put an old picture on the front.

But then, I realised it was the daughter-in-law.

So do men, marry women, who look like their mother?

I didn’t as my mother was dark with brown eyes and C was a blue-eyed blond. But once when I visited her in hospital before we were married, everybody thought I was her brother!


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Fifty Years On!

The students are going off to University about now!

Fifty years ago, probably to within a few days, I went off to University for the first time.

In some ways my situation was unusual in that I had been offered an unconditional place by Liverpool University and the way they worked, you had to accept them or possibly lose it.

I didn’t actually go to the University or Liverpool before it was time to go up to University about the end of September.

So on the day of my first trip North of London, I packed everything I was to take in a big cheap cardboard suitcase and took the Tube up to Euston to get a train to Liverpool.

My first memory of the trip, was coming into Lime Street station, through the deep dark wet cutting that actually goes under the University. At one point, I remember thinking looking out into the gloom, that the North is rather dark.

When I arrived, I had to get a Crosville H13 bus to my digs at Huyton. I managed the climb up the hill with my case well enough and found the digs at 178 Huyton Lane after a short walk!

I’ll admit that at times in those first few weeks that I did feel a bit homesick. But it’s amazing how quick University can get that out of you.

It all worked out right in the end.

The next year, I met C, who was to be my constant companion for nearly forty years until her sad death in 2008.

I’ve made a good success of some of my life and I only have a couple of regrets.

After I crashed my Cessna, I should never have given up flying.

A few years before C died, we had a long chat about the future and we virtually decided to move back into London. But we chickened out! Probably, because she liked her work too much and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t persuade her to join a Chambers in London.

It wouldn’t have changed the course of her life, but we would have had a couple of good years, in this wonderful city that I love.

I still visit Liverpool and she is the other lady in my life!

But then both have been very good to me!

So if you’re going up to University for the first time this week! Don’t worry!

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A Touch Of The Battersea

The Times has a report today about a web site called, which is searching for the sexiest MP.

I gave it a try and all the MPs I was shown to judge, had rather a touch of The Battersea about them!

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