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BT Sport Channel Numbers On A Steam Broadband Box

Despite almost being in the centre of London and only about a hundred metres from the exchange, I can’t get fibre optic here. I think, it’s because unlike everybody else in the road, I have a direct line to the exchange, so that unless they dig up the road to the exchange, I can wait for ever for fibre optic broadband. I might just as well be on St. Kilda as far as BT are concerned.

So I have to watch football, as I am now, through my steam broadband connection. To be fair the picture is generally acceptable.

But the problem is that I can never find the channels, as BT’s security system gives them obscure numbers, so that their steam broadband system doesn’t get overloaded.

The channel numbers are as follows.

507 – BT Sport 1,

508 -BT Sport 2.

509 – ESPN

How logical is that?

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  1. BT don’t need to put a fibre into your house or even a special cable to deliver high speed internet. I have BT Infinty at my house over a normal voice line connected via a box on the village green that is connected by fibre to the exchange. This gives me 60 Mb/s download. The box on the village green is about a quarter of a mile away. According to BT the while of London has high speed broadband; we here in a village 30 miles from the edge of London have only just got it.

    Comment by John Wright | January 24, 2015 | Reply

  2. They tell me that it’s not possible to get Infinity here. They also told my MP, I was too close to the exchange to get it. Changing supplier would make no difference, as BT does the last few yards.

    I could go back to Virgin, especially as their service centre is down the road, but then they tell me, I’d have to change my phone number. Anyway, after my experience of them three years ago, their cable had the same quality as a whore’s drawers – up and down all the time. Thieves keep nicking the cabinets.

    Comment by AnonW | January 25, 2015 | Reply

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