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Do I Have The Worst Broadband In Central London?

I doubt it, but I’ve decided to keep a proper log of all the problems.

March 15th, 2016 – 06:00 – I woke up to no broadband and only now at 07:15 can I write this.

March 16th, 2016 – 07:00 – Broadband dropped out for an hour.

March 18th, 2016 – 16:30– Broadband dropped out for an hour.

March 21st, 2016 – 16:30– Broadband dropped out for an hour.

March 22nd, 2016 – 19:30 – Broadband dropped out for a period.

March 23rd, 2016 – 08:00 – Intermittent service

March 23rd, 2016 – 13:30 – Intermittent service

March 23rd, 2016 – 16:00 – Intermittent service

March 23rd, 2016 – 17:00 – Intermittent service

March 24th, 2016 – 06:00 – Intermittent service

March 24th, 2016 – 11:00 – Broadband dropped out for an hour.

April 1st, 2016 – 17:30 – Broadband dropped out for an hour.

April 7th, 2016 – 19:30 – Intermittent service

What I would like is fibre-optic, but BT have said, that I’m too close to the exchange.

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BT Broadband’s Crap Football Broadcasts

BT now deliver their sport channels by broadband, which generally makes it unwatchable, unless you’ve got BT Infinity. Which of course is not available to me, as I’m too close to exchange. BT’s words not mine!

I often joke about what Brian Redhead said about the relative merits of radio and television.

If television had been invented first, radio would be the dominant medium, as the pictures are better!

Today, it’s absolutely true, as the pictures my mind are creating from the words on BBC Radio 5, are an order of magnitude better than BT’s crap pictures of the football.

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BT Sport Channel Numbers On A Steam Broadband Box

Despite almost being in the centre of London and only about a hundred metres from the exchange, I can’t get fibre optic here. I think, it’s because unlike everybody else in the road, I have a direct line to the exchange, so that unless they dig up the road to the exchange, I can wait for ever for fibre optic broadband. I might just as well be on St. Kilda as far as BT are concerned.

So I have to watch football, as I am now, through my steam broadband connection. To be fair the picture is generally acceptable.

But the problem is that I can never find the channels, as BT’s security system gives them obscure numbers, so that their steam broadband system doesn’t get overloaded.

The channel numbers are as follows.

507 – BT Sport 1,

508 -BT Sport 2.

509 – ESPN

How logical is that?

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BT Broadband Is Like A Whore’s Drawers

All day yesterday and for much of today, BT’s Broadband service has been terrible, going up and down like the unmentionables in the title of this post.

This a typical report about the problem from the BBC.

I do wonder if the problem lies in some of the historic exchanges. I’m connected to CLIssold and as the problem seems to have occurred in all sorts of random places, perhaps it is down to some equipment that is common but not universal on the network.

It’s a blpoody pain in the BuTT.

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One Down To BT Sport

A friend, who has Sky, missed his team; Sheffield United. win the FA Cup today, as the match was on BT Sport.

All of these channels must get their act together, so we can all watch our favourite sport.

It would be nice if all matches were available through the Internet on a dedicated UK Football portal. But that would probably be illegal under EU Law.

But then what does the EU know about football and technology?

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Are BT Winding Me Up?

BT have said, I can’t have fibre-optic broadband, as I’m too close to the exchange.  But this poster has appeared opposite my house, on a BT box.

That is just not on.  So should I complain to OFCOM?

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I’ve Given In

I said in this post, that a Sky Satellite dish is so yesterday.

However, as I have received a letter from BT on the subject of broadband, I decided that the best solution would be to get a dish to get reasonable sports on my television.

The letter from BT is a classic, and it is only thanks to my MP that I got a reply.

Here’s one section.

I’ve been in touch with our supplier, Openreach to ask about Mr. Miller’s situation. Unfortunately, he’s currently unable to get fibre broadband as his phone line is routed directly from the exchange to his premises.

Openreach have confirmed that the Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) technology which they have deployed needs a fibre-enabled street cabinet to supply the service. But because Mr. Miller is located very close to the exchange and is fed directly from it, i.e. not via a street cabinet, this unfortunately means that he can’t have the fibre product at present.

So the solution to my fibre broadband problem, is to move further from the telephone exchange.

I am a qualified electrical engineer and do understand the technology, the problem and the solutions. So I can’t help but find their statement mildly amusing.

But I suppose to actually be honest about the problem, as BT has been in the end, after a kicking from my MP, would only chase customers away to other broadband suppliers, who of course because of my local loop problem, can’t actually deliver the product that everybody wants.

In my view, there should be an on-line database that everyone can access, that shows the phone and broadband standard and quality, that is available at every house or business premises in the country. After all, you might find the ideal building for your new offices and it would be prudent to confirm the status of the phones and broadband before you made an offer.

But why stop at phones and broadband, as it would be much better if all the other services were listed as well.

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Londoners Still Love The Hackney Eight

I was coming home from the Angel last night, when one of the Hackney Eight showed its distinctive shape coming from the direction of Saddlers Wells.

As it approached the stop, prospective passengers walked past the 56 that many of them, like me, could have taken and waited for a few seconds for the New Bus for London to arrive.

Why don’t Transport for London do the right thing and convert route 38 to the new buses?

But then us plebs in Hackney don’t count for much, as BT have shown by their non-delivery of fibre-optic broadband.

If the 38 went to Archway in Islington, it would have been converted by now!


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A Sky Satellite Dish Is So Yesterday

I’ve just looked up what football matches, I can watch over the next few days, through my steam-driven broadband, BT Sport and Freeview.

Tonight, BT are showing Wigan, whilst ITV4 is showing Swansea and Tottenham. All in the Uefa Cup. As I’m seeing Wigan on Sunday, as I’m going to see Ipswich play there, it’s rather a no-brainer, which matches I’ll watch.

Tomorrow, I’m busy in Liverpool, but the only match is on BT and it’s a German one.  I’m not that sad yet!

Saturday, BT are showing a Premier League match, but as it’s Norwich, I assume they are going to pay me to watch it! Later I might want to watch Fulham on Sky, but obviously I can’t!

Sunday has some good matches on Sky, but I’m on the train going to Wigan and back to watch Ipswich. At least Virgin’s trains are higher up the speed and reliability scale compared to their broadband.

So BT Sport’s deal of free football with broadband, is equivalent to a supermarket giving away burgers made of horsemeat. It may look good, but it’s not what you want.

I’m almost getting to the point where I put up a satellite dish for Sky.

But that is yesterday’s old technology and I would only rip it out again, when fibre optic broadband became available.  I’ve no objections to Sky as a company, as they gave me good service, when I lived in Suffolk.

Fibre-optic broadband would give me everything I want.  But when will someone deliver it to me? Or is Hackney too rural for it to be hooked up? On the other hand if Innerleithen, in the Scottish Borders can have fibre optic broadband, why can’t I?

BT are keeping the delivery date secret! Which of course means I can’t plan!

I have written to my MP, Meg Hillier, who is also the member for Silicon Roundabout and Shoreditch. She said this in a letter to me.

I am very aware of issues around broadband in Hackney, particularly in the Tech City area around Shoreditch. The growth of these cutting edge businesses in my constituency  is an exciting addition but I am very concerned that the infrastructure to support their tech needs is not in place. 

She obviously has more clout than any Hackney resident, so if you have a desperate need for fibre-optic broadband, I’d send her an e-mail.  The best way is to use WriteToThem.

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Disappointing BT Sport

As a BT broadband customer, who used to get Sky Sports through them, I am disappointed with their new BT Sports.  The only decent football matches are on Saturday lunchtime, when I’m travelling to see Ipswich, either home or away. The solution is probably fibre-optic broadband, but I can’t get this where I live, within walking distance of the City of London.

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