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Energy Saving In Thameslink Stations

Thameslink have made a lot of fuss about the solar panels on the roof of Blackfriars station, which is on a bridge across the Thames. Read this article in The Guardian.

It’s certainly impressive and good PR, but I changed trains on the bridge platforms a couple of weeks ago and it was rather cold and draughty. A station guy felt it was an awful place to work.

At the new London Bridge station, they are not using solar panels, as the dreaded Shard puts the station in the shade for a lot of the day. But they are going to use a ground source heat pump and possibly footfall tiles that generate electricity.

I think we should think very hard about how we design stations and other large buildings, so that they don’t need the energy in the first place.

I suspect we all have our least-favourite cold and draughty station.

I think is is probably true to say that designing the perfect station is an impossible task. In some ways one of the best in London is Liverpool Street, which was the second major terminus (after Euston) to be rebuilt in the modern era. Of the stations serving the South, Waterloo is an order of magnitude better than the others, since the latest updating. But generally, it is still a 1920s station. But both Liverpool Street and Waterloo aren’t high up in the cold and draughty league.

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