The Anonymous Widower

Assembling My New IKEA Kitchen

I like putting flat pack furniture together.

The pictures show some of the units as I assemble my new kitchen.

IKEA says that assembling the frames is a two-person job. But if you think about it, if this one good-handed pensioner can put it together, then everybody can, especially with a helper.

My rules for success in assembling furniture like this.

1. Assemble the furniture in a large space, preferably on a carpet, close to where the furniture is to go.

2. If like I do, you have to carry the parts upstairs, for the heavier units unpack them by the door, where they came into the house. I’m lucky, in that my integral garage opens onto the street, so IKEA just put all the boxes there. I unpack them there if needed.

3. Clear up all the endless cardboard packaging as you go.

4. Use little bowls to keep track of the screws.

5. Have a large pair of scissors handy to cut all the little plastic bags.

6. I also use a magnetic screwdriver, which is useful for picking up screws that get stuck in difficult places.

The only problem, I’ve had is that I put the wrong front on a drawer and couldn’t get it off. IKEA actually phoned me back within three hours of an e-mail, but I still can’t get the front off and in trying I cut a knuckle on my right hand. And of course, my left hand isn’t dexterous enough to put a plaster on it.

In the end I found that this drawer front problem is a common one and there a very good video. IKEA should put up an even better one!

Incidentally, after my cut knuckle, how many people end up in A & E with similar injury, because they live alone and there’s no-one to kiss it better?

Now here’s an offer to anybody living alone in the vague N1 area of Hackney and Islington. If you are thinking that say buying and assembling flat pack furniture is beyond you, why not contact me. Two brains and four good hands will be better than half the number.


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