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A Tale Of Two Taps

I saw a Franke tap, that I liked in a plumbing shop, but the price of £240 or so plus VAT was too much.

So I looked in IKEA, where I got this very similar one for £80.

I shall add some more pictures when it is installed.

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IKEA Make A Mistake

For my kitchen, I need one of these sink cabinets numbered 901.049.37

The cabinet and the front were delivered as three items.

  • TINGSRYD drawer front 60×20 wood effect black 402.056.79
  • TINGSRYD door 60×60 wood effect black 702.056.68
  • ME base cb f b-in oven/sink 60x60x80 wood eff bl 202.055.43

But I thought I ordered one with a drawer.

As the order was split down by a computer, the computer got it wrong.

But then I’ve always had trouble with IKEA’s computer system, as I wrote about in Infuriating IKEA.

These pictures show the current state of the unfinished cabinet.

I’ve e-mailed their customer service and not had a reply.

Incidentally, I can’t find a 60×60 drawer front on their web site.

A drilling tempolate would do, so I could modify the door myself.

But unfortunately with the holes, I have no idea, where to put them!

Has anybody got any suggestions?

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Celia Was Right!

I survived one night with the new sink.

My New Sink

Celia was right to always have a big sink in a bathroom, so you can bath a baby! Or do the washing up!

I have on in the downstairs bathroom! So now I have clean dishes.

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Putting Together IKEA Furniture

I took these pictures to show the tools I use to put together IKEA furniture.


  • The Sheba butter knife is excellent for opening packages, as it won’t scratch the furniture.
  • The well-balanced hammer for nailing on the backs of cupboards.
  • Scissors are always useful.
  • This Phillips screwdriver doubled as a light hammer for banging in lcation pegs.

I rarely use anything else!


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Jerry’s Attempts On The Other Side Of The Kitchen Are No Better

These pictures show that what lay behind the awful steel-fronted units on the other side of the kitchen was no better than those on the first, that I descrtibed in Behind Jerry’s Cabinets.

So we’ll have to chisel out some concrete, make up the floor and sort the wiring before we can put in the new cabinets.

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It’s My Birthday!

So I’m celebrating by putting flat-pack furniture together for my kitchen, wearing just a pair of tight but comfortable briefs so I don’t hit something painful!

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What Do You Call This?

I bought this rack for hot dishes just out of the oven from IKEA.

What do you call it?

IKEA call it a trivet, which is defined thus.

A metal stand with short feet, used under a hot dish on a table.

IKEA either can’t count as it has four legs, or they have done a great job in a redesign.

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One Side Of A Man’s Kitchen

I’ve now virtually completed one side of my kitchen.


  • The television is on a 270° swivel so it can be watched from outside, when I’m eating or working.
  • The worktop will be extended through to continue over storage cupboards and a small deep-freeze on the other side of the hole in the wall.
  • The cooker could be replaced by a small AGA-60 City.
  • The shelf above the cooker will be moved up a bit and fitted with lights underneath.
  • I think a fold-away stool would be better.
  • It is currently planned that there will be a low wooden wall between the two sides, that will be topped by a steel beam, so that hot serving dishes can be placed there.
  • The flange of the beam could also be used to store condiments, sauces, oils and other things that might be needed both inside and outside the kitchen.
  • I haven’t decided where to put the touch-screen pad computer, so I can display my Serial Cooking pages.
  • You’ll notice that there isn’t much electrical equipment. The only equipment, that I use is a Delia’s Little Chopper, which I acquired long before she publicised them, a kettle and a microwave .
  • You’ll notice the only gas in the kitchen is in the fire extinguisher.
  • Gas incidentally, should be banned from inside the inhabited parts of dwellings on health and safety grounds.

Many of the pictures were taken with me sitting on one of my all purpose stools, that I designed over forty years ago and had made by a furniture maker. Incidentally, four were used as saw horses to support the work-top, whilst it was cut to size.

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A Clever Idea From IKEA

When I was in the kitchen showrooms in IKEA at Tottenham, I noticed that their corner cupboards didn’t have any lights. And we all know that things get lost in corner cupboards.

I have a feeling that our last two designer kitchens didn’t have corner cupboards because lighting them was difficult.

I thought that I’d be able to use IKEA’S OMLOPP LED spotlights, but wiring them can be tricky.

Then I found some IKEA STRIBERG LED strips, so I took one home.

Reading the instructions, when I got home, it appeared they were for wardrobes. But after a bit of experimenting, I found they worked in my corner cupboard. These pictures show it working.

Note that there are two things left to do.

  • The door hinges need to be adjusted to get it straight.
  • A hole needs to be drilled in the back of the cupboard to pass the wire through.

But it certainly works well!


  • There is no wiring to do, as it just plugs together and into a 13 amp socket.
  • Multiple units can be daisy-chained.
  • It comes in various lengths with the 67 cm. version being ideal here.

In my view, it is much easier to install than OMLOPP.

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Infuriating IKEA

In Sorting Out IKEA, I said this.

Ever since Summer 2015, I’ve been unable to purchase anything on-line from IKEA. It is very difficult trying to build a kitchen in phases to have to go to the store to buy or order everything. Especially, when you can’t drive. I am lucky, that I can get a 341 bus to IKEA from about two hundred metres away and can even catch a bus from closer, that uses the same stop as the 341 at Manor House station. So it might take about an hour, but it’s not an arduous journey.

I think that the reason for non-delivery, is that that don’t like my home address, as they use a system that checks it against a list of ones with a large number of problems in the past. These were long before I bought the house.

Things have not changed, and I still can’t buy anything on-line, despite having high credit scores that show no problems.

As I need one cabinet to fill a space, I went to the store at Tottenham to buy one.

But you can’t pick it up, as it has to be delivered. So I ordered it in the store and then had to walk miles to get out to pay for it.

How was my shopping experience? Unnecessary and f**king awful, would be the best description.

I now have something small to buy and I shall have to repeat the process for something that I can hold in one hand.

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