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A Rat Run Is Going To Be Cut

The Ardleigh Road junction off Southgate Road, near to me is a dangerous place for pedestrians. Cars, trucks, vans and cyclists like to peel off Southgate Road and see how fast they can turn down Ardleigh Road.

I took these pictures this morning, as I walked across De Beauvoir Town to my doctor’s surgery. Later on, two visitors to my house, who know the area well, told me that they are always very careful near that junction.

But the other end of Ardleigh Road, where it meets Culford and Engelfield Roads near the Scolt Head pub, is going to become a dead end for vehicles because Cycle Superhighway Route 1 goes up Culford Road, which will go straight across Engelfield Road towards the City.

This Google Earth image shows the area.

Ardleigh Road

Ardleigh Road

On the map note how the Scolt Head sits between Ardleigh Road and Culford Road. Culford Road is going to be straightened and will take the cycling route on a north-south axis through De Beauvoir Town crossing the Balls Pond Road by the Duke of Wellington pub.

You can clearly see from the map how tempting it is to drive fast off Southgate Road into Ardleigh Road just south of the Hunter S pub. Someone told me, that the wide junction of Southgate and Ardleigh Roads was to allow trams and trolley buses to turn. This photostream on Flickr shows, trams, trolley-buses and buses in the area. The first picture in the photostream was taken on the western side of Southgate Road opposite the Hunter S looking towards the Balls Pond Road.

There are going to be a lot of very angry rats. And at least one very happy pedestrian!

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