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Thinking Big In Essex

I found this report in the Southend Echo from 2008 interesting.

It is a plan to link Canvey Island with the Hoo Peninsular in Kent using an immersed tube road and rail tunnel. This is an extract from the report.

Metrotidal’s blueprint seeks to combine the tunnel with new flood defences protecting London and a tidal power plant in the middle of the Thames Estuary.

This could support a new eco-town or generate enough power to operate a rail service through the tunnel, the consortium said.

This is a Google Earth image of the Thames south of Canvey Island.

The Thames South Of Canvey Island

The Thames South Of Canvey Island

The surprising thing is that the river isn’t that wide and is probably about a couple of kilometres.

There hasn’t been anything on the news in recent years, so I suspect that the plan is very much on the back burner.

But one day, a project like this will be built!

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Could London Benefit From Fosteritos?

How many times a day, does a passenger on the London Underground, go down or up a short set of uncovered stairs to access a ticket hall with machines, ticket barriers and escalators and lifts to the trains? Stations, I use regularly with this layout include Kings Cross, Oxford Circus, Bank and Euston Square. Many of these staircases can be slippery in the wet, but some are covered.

These pictures show  the covered staircase at the front of Kings Cross station. This is better than uncovered, but it is probably an expensive solution, although it does incorporate a lift.

Norman Foster faced a similar problem in Spain of how to protect staircases and escalators emerging from the Bilbao Metro. These pictures show his elegant solution.

The Spaniards obviously liked them, as they called them fosteritos.

Perhaps, Transport for London needs to have a design contest to create a distinctive shelter for those slippery-when-wet staircases.

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