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Mill Hill Station And Ewood Park

Ewood Park, the home of Blackburn Rovers is not the easiest ground to get to from the main station for the town.

Normally, I take a bus from the station, but it is not the easiest way as there is no relevant information, despite the fact that the bus station is outside the train one. Obviously, the natives are psychic in Blackburn.

So today, I decided to go via Mill Hill station as it looked like a downhill walk to the ground. This Google Earth image shows the area.

Mill Hill Station And Ewood Park

Mill Hill Station And Ewood Park

Mill Hill station is in the top left of the picture and the football ground is to the bottom right. These are some pictures of the station.

I didn’t post any of the maps and signposts at the station, as there isn’t any meaningful information on how to get to the football ground.

I don’t think I’ll bother with this route again, as it has little to recommend it and a station that desperately needs more information and disabled access.

It is a truly dreadful station and after the Todmorden Curve is fully open, you’ll need to change trains at Blackburn to get here from Manchester.

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