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Thames Tideway Tunnel Site – Bekesbourne Street

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Bekesbourne Street is not a particularly big site. The official site says this about the works in the area in the planning agreement.

In an average year the Holloway Storm Relief combined sewer overflow
(CSO) discharges 7,900m3 of untreated sewage into the tidal Thames at
London Wharf, Limehouse. On the basis that litter tonnages are
proportional to discharge volumes, approximately two tonnes of sewage
derived litter is also discharged from this CSO in an average year.

A worksite is required to control the Holloway Storm Relief CSO and divert
flows into the northern Low Level Sewer No.1. These works would avoid
the need to connect the CSO to the main tunnel. The proposed
development site is known as Bekesbourne Street, which is located in the
London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

So this site will be used to stop untreated sewage going into the Thames.

If you look on the Index Page, you’ll see that this site is marked as 22 on the map and the sewer will seem go from here to Abbey Mills via the Limehouse Cut Tunnel.

They also have a map, which shows two work sites, outlined in red and the line of the Holloway Storm Relief Sewer shown in green

Bekesbourne Street

Bekesbourne Street

This is a Google Earth image of the local area to a large scale.

The Holloway Sorm Relief Sewer follows the line of Bekesbourne Street, which is the north-south route down the map from Limeshouse station at the top.

The second Google Earth image shows the wider area from the station to the Thames.

Limehouse Station To The Thames

Limehouse Station To The Thames

Notice that the  Rotherhithe Tunnel goes through the area. These are pictures I took locally.

It strikes me, that quite a bit of time and effort could have been saved, if when they built the Limehouse Link Tunnel in the late 1980s, they had sorted out the Holloway Storm Relief Sewer at the same time. I could see no trace of the sewer, so it must go deep under the road straight under all the new housing into the Thames.

The new scheme, where all the water and sewage goes to Abbey Mills and Beckton must be much better.



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