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The Victoria Embankment Foreshore is a site just to the west of Hungerford Railway Bridge on the North Bank of the Thames. The Thames Tideway Tunnel web site says this about the site.

The Victoria Embankment Foreshore site is on the northern bank of the River Thames. It comprises a section of the foreshore and a section of pavement and roadway on Victoria Embankment (A3211).

This is a Google Earth image of the site.

Victoria Embankment Foreshore

Victoria Embankment Foreshore

Note the two ships; the larger Tattersall Castle and the smaller Hispaniola. Moving the Tattersall Castle to a new mooring is going to be one of the first tasks on site.

This image from the Thames Tunnel web site, shows what the completed installation will look like.

Victoria Embankment Foreshore

Victoria Embankment Foreshore

It might look a bit like a Victorian memorial to an important Admiral, but it certainly could be made into an excellent garden with a unique water feature. I took these pictures as I walked over the Jubilee Footbridge on the Hungerford Bridge and then walked along the Embankment.

One of the pictures is of Whitehall Gardens. I’ve included it, as it looks like the finished feature over the works might be modelled on the Victorian gardens.

My only worry with getting the design of this site right, is that they have talked to those designing the Cycle Superhighway through the area.

This is probably one of those sites, where there are few residents to annoy, proving that the traffic isn’t disrupted too much. On the other hand, whilst the site is being worked, it would appear that the footbridge might make a good grandstand.



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