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Faster London Trains Could Make Your Commute Even Longer

I have spent much of my working life calculating the dynamics of systems, be they complex sets of calculations for a Bank, the solving of massive sets of differential equations or calculating how many days, hours and minutes a project will take and how many pounds, groats or donkeys it will consume.

So when I saw an article in New Scientist with the title of this post, I had to read it.

You should!

In my modelling of complex systems, nearly fifty years ago, I used state-of-the-art, digital and analogue computers to model complex interactions in chemical reactions and plants. In more than one case the answer that was obtained was unexpected.

But then you can’t argue your feelings against thoroughly correct mathematical equations!

The same is happening in this transport example. Your feelings may say faster trains will get you there quicker, but properly modelled it would appear that the reverse may be true.

One thing that may be true in some places, is that adding new stations to a line reduces the time taken to commute.

So sometimes residents wanting a new station near their houses, may just be right!

Only a rigorous mathematical model will tell the truth!

Leeds seems to have an ambitious station  building program, whereas only one new station;Lea Bridge, is being built in London.

And intriguingly in London, Crossrail is being built with only one new station; Woolwich, although some are being substantially rebuilt!

I hope they’ve done their modelling extensively enough!

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