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New Life For Old Trains

We have a shortage of self-powered multiple units in this country, which means that dreadful Pacers like these are still soldiering on!

In the long term, more lines will be electrified, which will release some modern diesel multiple units, like these Class 172 trains on the London Overground.

There is also the new Aventra IPEMUs that might be used to run branch lines off major electrified lines.would be nice to fill the gap.

But some new diesel multiple units would be very nice to fill the gap.

One possibility to fill the gap is the Vivarail D-Train, which is being developed from second-hand London Underground D78-Stock.

This article on the RailStaff web site entitled New Life For Old Trains, gives more details.

It is an interesting concept and I look forward to my first ride in a new Vivarail D-train.

The D-Train doesn’t have the high quality el-cheapo market to itself, as  Porterbrook, which is a ROSCO, has converted a Class 144 train from a dreadful Pacer to a modern Class 144 Evolution.

Ian Walmsley in Modern Railways has said this, with respect to the new Class 144e.

Would I lease this in preference to a new DMU? No.

Would I lease this in preference to D78 stock? Probably, but I’ll let you know.

Would the Pacer Death Warrant have been signed if Pacers looked like this a year ago? No.

At present Vivarail say they can produce seventy-six D-trains and there are twenty-three Class 144 trains that could be upgraded.

May the best train win!

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