The Anonymous Widower

Fifty Years On!

The students are going off to University about now!

Fifty years ago, probably to within a few days, I went off to University for the first time.

In some ways my situation was unusual in that I had been offered an unconditional place by Liverpool University and the way they worked, you had to accept them or possibly lose it.

I didn’t actually go to the University or Liverpool before it was time to go up to University about the end of September.

So on the day of my first trip North of London, I packed everything I was to take in a big cheap cardboard suitcase and took the Tube up to Euston to get a train to Liverpool.

My first memory of the trip, was coming into Lime Street station, through the deep dark wet cutting that actually goes under the University. At one point, I remember thinking looking out into the gloom, that the North is rather dark.

When I arrived, I had to get a Crosville H13 bus to my digs at Huyton. I managed the climb up the hill with my case well enough and found the digs at 178 Huyton Lane after a short walk!

I’ll admit that at times in those first few weeks that I did feel a bit homesick. But it’s amazing how quick University can get that out of you.

It all worked out right in the end.

The next year, I met C, who was to be my constant companion for nearly forty years until her sad death in 2008.

I’ve made a good success of some of my life and I only have a couple of regrets.

After I crashed my Cessna, I should never have given up flying.

A few years before C died, we had a long chat about the future and we virtually decided to move back into London. But we chickened out! Probably, because she liked her work too much and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t persuade her to join a Chambers in London.

It wouldn’t have changed the course of her life, but we would have had a couple of good years, in this wonderful city that I love.

I still visit Liverpool and she is the other lady in my life!

But then both have been very good to me!

So if you’re going up to University for the first time this week! Don’t worry!

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  1. Things are very different now, mummies and daddies take their little darling, clean the accommodation, make the little darlings beds and all sorts of ridiculous things! Note we took our girls, but that is all. Each them phoned during their time at uni saying they hated it and wanted to come home, and we refused to go and get them, and they had got over it by the next day!

    I hadn’t realised it was so long since C died, time flies. I admire the way you have carved out a life for yourself in London, with plenty of things to do and new interests, so many widows and widowers vegetate.

    Comment by nosnikrapzil | September 22, 2015 | Reply

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