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Crossrail 2 Changes Its Mind!

This map from the Crossrail 2 web site, show the new route for Crossrail 2.

Crossrail 2 Route - Autumn 2015

Crossrail 2 Route – Autumn 2015

So what are the changes and how do I think they stack up?

Broxbourne Instead Of Hertford East

Broxbourne station is the first, where traffic from Bishop’s Stortford, Cambridge, Hertford East and Stansted Airport all come together.

So perhaps by making Broxbourne a station, where passengers from Cambridge or Stansted can change across a platform for Crossrail 2 and all its destination in Central and South West London is a good idea.

As someone, who lived for nearly thirty years near Cambridge, it would certainly have pleased me.

This Google Map of Broxbourne station explains a lot.

Broxbourne Station

Broxbourne Station

Note that Broxbourne station is now a four platform station sitting on a large site. For comparison purposes this is a Google Map of Hertford East station.

Hertford East Station

Hertford East Station

It is a much more cramped site compared to Broxbourne. The other stations on the branch would need substantial upgrading.

  • Ware is a one platform station with an adjoining level-crossing.
  • St. Margaret’s is a small station with a level-crossing.
  • Rye House is a small station on another cramped site.

I suspect that operating an intensive service over the level crossings and the partly single-track branch was considered a serious obstacle to using Hertford East as a terminus of Crossrail 2.

There are other possible reasons.

  • There is lots of space at Broxbourne for car parking and a proper bus interchange.
  • As it now looks that the West Anglia Main Line will be four-tracked for a lot of its route, could cross-platform interchange be provided between the fast services from Cambridge, Stansted and the North and Crossrail 2, at Broxbourne.
  • The space at Broxbourne would allow some extra platforms to be created.
  • Broxbourne may well be a better interchange between fast services and Crossrail 2 than Tottenham Hale, which is another station on a cramped site.

Broxbourne has so much more potential for extra services than Hertford East.

The Future Of The Hertford East Branch

The Hertford East branch may turn out to be just a branch after Crossrail 2 is built.

If for instance, the West Anglia Main Line was to be three- or four-tracked as far as the Hertford East branch,then Hertford East services could have their own dedicated tracks to Broxbourne, just as the East London Line does to Highbury and Islington station.

This gives a service with the following characteristics and advantages.

  • Generally Hertford East services are self-contained and could be mainly a two, three or four trains an hour shuttle, with possibly extra services to and from Liverpool Street in the peak.
  • The frequency is probably limited by the level crossings on the branch.
  • Hertford East services could probably be arranged, so they didn’t have to cross the West Anglia Main Line, which could remove a capacity restraint on the main line.
  • Passengers would change at Broxbourne to and from fast services to Liverpool Street and Crossrail 2
  • Would a separated branch give scope for some clever platform arrangements at Broxbourne?
  • Would a separated branch free up paths into a very crowded Liverpool Street?

I think it is true to say, that if the level crossings and single-track sections on the branch could be removed, this would allow a much better service to Hertford East.

Turnpike Lane And Alexandra Palace Or Wood Green?

In the original plan, where Crossrail 2 passed through Turnpike Lane And Alexandra Palace stations, this gave possible interchanges to the following lines.

If the only station in that area is Wood Green, Crossrail 2 loses the connection to the Hertford Loop Line, which was at Alexandra Palace.

By 2019, the Hertford Loop Line will have good connectivity to the following lines.

  • Piccadilly Line at Finsbury Park
  • Victoria Line at Finsbury Park and Highbury and Islington
  • Thameslink at any station between Alexandra Palace and Finsbury Park
  • Crossrail at Moorgate
  • Harringay could be linked to Harringay Green Lanes on the Gospel Oak and Barking Line.
  • North and East London Lines at Highbury and Islington.

Some of these links will probably be better than they are now by 2019, due to upgrading at Finsbury Park and Highbury and Islington stations.

So I suspect that building two stations instead of one for Crossrail 2 in the Wood Green area was not considered good value for money.

Crossrail 2 have produced a detailed document about their route through the area.

Kings Road Chelsea

The contentious Kings Road Chelsea station has moved slightly, but those who think they are above the plebs still seem to be against the new station.

For a bit of sense, you can always read this report on Crossrail 2 from the local council. I particularly liked this extract on station size.

A King’s Road Crossrail station would not be “five times the size of Peter Jones” or as big as the “Westfield shopping Centre” as some have claimed. Kensington and Chelsea would remain the planning authority for the station development and the station would therefore have to be in keeping with the traditional scale and character of this part of the King’s Road. – 

Or they could read up about that other difficult to design station; Camden Town, which I described in The Camden Town Station Upgrade Exhibition.

Good design there,seems to have sent the Nimbys back to their caves.

Tooting Broadway Or Balham?

Both Tooting Broadway and Balham stations are on the Northern Line, but I think Balham is being preferred as it is also a busy main line station.

As some of the main line services through Balham, are duplicated by Crossrail 2, the new line now offers opportunities to release the pressure off the lines through Balham.

If you look at a map of the railway lines in the area, it may be that Crossrail 2 will send the new tunnels in a wide circle from Balham to Wimbledon under Tooting and Haydons Road stations, so that the tunnels are dug totally under existing railway land.

Using Balham rather than Tooting Broadway seems a good idea.

Crossrail 2 Shafts

Crossrail 2 have also published a list of where their shafts will be.

  • Downhills Recreation Ground
  • Stamford Hill area
  • Shoreditch Park area
  • Victoria Coach stationAccording to Wikipedia, the freeholder want to redevelop this site and relocate the coach station.
  • Westbridge Road
  • Wandsworth Common
  • Springfield
  • Weir Road

I shall update this as I find out more.


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