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Crossrail Extension To Gravesend

A possible Crossrail Extension to Gravesend has been safeguarded, although  because Crossrail doesn’t call at St. Pancras for Eurostar, I feel that extending Crossrail to Ebbsfleet International station to catch Continental trains there, would be part of any extension to Gravesend.

This Google Map shows both Ebbsfleet International and Gravesend stations.

Ebbsfleet International And Gravesend Stations

Ebbsfleet International And Gravesend Stations

Ebbsfleet International is to the West and Gravesend is to the East.

There would have to be some major construction work, but it would probably be feasible.

However this Google Map of Gravesend Station shows a serious problem.

Gravesend Station

Gravesend Station

As can be seen, it is a very cramped site. These pictures show the station.

I doubt any extension to Gravesend will terminate at Gravesend station.

There is a page on the Crossrail web site, which is entitled Safeguarding. This is said.

An additional extension from Abbey Wood to Gravesend and Hoo Junction, has been safeguarded however there are no current plans to extend the railway beyond the route currently identified.

This is a Google Map of the Hoo Junction area to the East of Gravesend.

Hoo Junction

Hoo Junction

Currently, it is occupied by a freight yard. It certainly could be used as the terminus, but it is about ten kilometres East of Ebbsfleet International station.

So could a train on the North Kent Line that runs from the current Crossrail terminus at Abbey Wood to Gravesend, do a detour to Ebbsfleet International?

This Google Map shows the lines in the Ebbsfleet International area.

Lines Around Ebbsfleet

Lines Around Ebbsfleet

The North Kent Line starts in the top left at Swanscombe station, crosses over the lines into Ebbsfleet International. It then goes through Northfleet station, before going off in a South-Easterly direction to Gravesend.

A connection could surely be built so that after passing Swanscombe station, the trains on the North Kent Line could pass through Ebbsfleet International, rather than through Northfleet station.

An alternative would be to provide a proper connection perhaps using a travelator between Northfleet and Ebbsfleet International stations.

One problem to sort out would be the level of services through Abbey Wood, that continue on to Ebbsfleet International and Gravesend.



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  3. I believe with the added driver of the planned ‘Paramount’ theme park it will make a very positive case to have CR1 extended to Hoo Junction. More than that I would argue for a light rail network that connects to the north of the river [Tilbury and the cruise terminal, Grays for C2C interchange and Lakeside shopping] is built on a very strong business case. That light railway will allow people to access the employment opportunities that the theme park will bring and stitch the two sides of the Thames together. ideally it would have an interchange at Ebbsfleet International, the theme park itself and then via planned housing towards Blue water and Dartford…

    Comment by PJS | December 4, 2015 | Reply

  4. I think that would be an idea.

    But the whole riverside area needs a good sorting out.

    I very much like TfL’s idea of linking the Gispel Oak to Barking Line to Thamesmead. They would probably use a tunnel, but I would use tram-trains on a high bridge, that they could share with cyclists and walkers. A tram-train could go walkabout in Barking Riverside and Thamesmead to make the connectivity better.

    I wrote about it here.

    Comment by AnonW | December 4, 2015 | Reply

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