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Could The Golden Mile In Houslow Get A Station?

A couple of words in Modern Railways led me to this article on the Hounslow Council web site, which is entitled Restoring Great West Rd to former golden glory. This is said.

He said: “We need a big improvement to the public transport links to realise our vision. We want to see a brand new station near Sky’s HQ by using an under-used freight line and create a new station – the Golden Mile’s very own station – and link it to Southall which will be on Crossrail.”

This Goggle Map shows the area.

Sky HQ And Possible Golden Mile Station

Sky HQ And Possible Golden Mile Station

Note the following.

  • Sky’s HQ is indicated by a red arrow.
  • The rail line behind the Sky HQ is the Brentford Branch Line.
  • The main road is the A4.
  • The other rail line running parallel to and south of the A4 is the Hounslow Loop Line.

There are certainly possibilities to create a station here.

At the other end the Brentford Branch Line used to terminate at Southall station.

Around Southall Station

Around Southall Station


  • The Brentford Branch Line curves into the Great Western Main Line to the East of Southall station.
  • Trains on the branch could terminate in a bay platform in Southall station.

I have deliberately taken the Google Map over a wide area, so that I bring in the Southall Gas Works site, which is currently used for long term valet parking at Heathrow.

The site is to be developed and I just wonder, if the businesses and houses could be served by an extension of services on the Brentford Branch.

Perhaps a tram could run from the Gas Works site, through Southall station and then down to the Golden Mile.

  • I have suggested a tram, as this would mean that extra stops would be more affordable.
  • If it needed to cross the Great Western Main Line, a single-track bridge for trams would be more affordable.
  • Trams could also go walkabout at either end of the core section.
  • If the line was just used as a shuttle between Southall and the Golden Mile, to get sufficient capacity with trains might be an expensive solution.
  • Perhaps a tram could sneak down to Syon Park and the River Thames.

I think that there are possibilities for a well-designed solution in the area to connect the Golden Mile to Southall station for Crossrail.


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