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The Bay Platform And The Reversing Siding At West Croydon

I went to West Croydon and took these pictures at the station.

They certainly answer some of the questions I asked in How Trains Reverse At West Croydon.

What is the maximum length of train, that can be handled by the bay platform 1?

On a brief look, it looks to be able to take a ten-car train.

How long does it take to reverse a train?

Look at the sequence I observed.

  • 16:30 – Train leaves the siding for Platform 3 to go North.
  • 16:33 – Train timed to leave Platform 3 to go North
  • 15:34 – Train timed to arrive Platform 4 from the North
  • 15:41 – Train arrives in the siding from Platform 4

From entering the siding from Platform 4 to entering Platform 3 seemed took around eleven minutes.

But they were working to a precise timetable with the aim of getting into West Croydon station on time.

How many trains an hour can the station reverse?

So if it takes eleven minutes for the sequence, it looks like this layout with one reversing siding can handle four trains per hour (tph), which it does at present.

In Increased Frequencies On The East London Line, I noted that two extra trains would be going South to Crystal Palace and Clapham Junction. But there appear to be no plans to increase services to West Croydon. Perhaps 4 tph is the maximum possible.

Can more than one train enter the reversing siding?

I wouldn’t have thought so during this type of operation. But it did look like the siding could accept a ten-car train or even two five-car trains.

Summing Up

It does look that there has been a lot of flexibility built into the track and its operation.

I also think that there could be enough space to squeeze some more track into the layout, if something like The Streatham Virtual Tube needed to turn more trains at West Croydon.

One thing that has to be said, is that the station is not an architectural gem worth cherishing. If the number of trains terminating at West Croydon, needed to be substantially increased, then no one would mourn if the station was rebuilt to increase the capacity.

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